Meet a Guide: Sam Jolman 



Colorado Springs, Colorado (Born in Michigan) 



I have been married 11 years to Amanda and have two little boys, Brandt and Simon. Marriage and parenting are two things I highly recommend.  



I love mountain biking and road biking. I dabble in a lot of other things like hunting, crossfit, and running but always come back to cycling.  I also love architecture.  



I am a counselor and writer. I got my Master of Arts in

Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.  But I'd say I'm most occupied with keeping alive my heart and the hearts of others. 


Why Training Ground?  

I'm involved because young men need our love, attention, and guidance more than anything. Training Ground is doing this and doing it well! I have been in tears at graduation ceremonies after seeing the change these guys go through in three months.   


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