Meet a Guide: Timm Tews

Location: Woodland Park, CO (by way of Minneapolis, Fon du Lac, Chicago, and L.A.)



Cynthia is my bride of 27 years, and Avery, our miracle daughter, is about to turn nine. 



Recovering perfectionist workaholic. (resume available upon request)


Recovering from a spinal injury and cancer. Also enrolled in a Benedictine Spiritual Formation Licensing Program.

Years Fishing:

Two years less than my age, which is 54 this year.


Why Training Ground? 

It has been said that wisdom is knowledge applied.  Wisdom isn't an accomplishment as much as it is an understanding--an understanding of our own foolishness.  It was a privilege to have an older man initiate me as a boy, and it is a privilege to leave footsteps behind to those young men who also desire a path.  I believe Training Ground restores the application process of wisdom heritage from seasoned men to younger men in a broken male society and has put me in a position to bless, and be blessed, in this initiation process.  



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