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The happiness of knowing the best people in Russia! (part 2)

Meet true heroes of faith!


Pastors Vladimir and Galina live in a village of Chuvash population but on the territory of Moslem Tatarstan! The village is called Nizhniye Mimi.))) Years ago the Chuvashs came from Chuvashia to Tatarstan and built a village doing farmworks. Vladimir and Galina came to know the Lord in the 90 ties and their lives were changed forever. It was not easy to share their faith with village people. Chuvashs are historically pagan and worshipped sun, nature etc.. But God has been faithful and the seeds of the Gospel sown in the hearts of village people took roots and are bringing fruit. Vladimir says that Pandemics made people desperate and many are turning to Jesus.Vladimir and Galina are hardworking and just like every adult person their village they work with their own hands and are respected by locals.


Pastor Ilya and Elena from the village of Bertlo in Udmurtia. the nation of Udmurtia is also known for pagan worship and witchcraft among its population. Their home church is known in the village as a place where help can be found. When things go tough in life, locals run to their house and ask to pray and comfort. The village already heard the Gospel and half of its population considers themselves the church members. Elena helps locals with clothing and home utilities. She receives secondhand clothings from other churches and shares it with village families. During seminars they shared testimonies of how Jesus healed two unbelievers who came for help to their home. Miracles turned these two men to the Lord. Praise Jesus!


Yuriy and Natasha live in the small Udmurtian town of Kizner.

Yuriy is a carpenter and a Pastor. They say that they hate religion and love Jesus.

In the past when they got saved, they have been exposed to religious church and tried to earn God's favour and love. They came to the point of hating their lives But the message of Redemption changed and set them free from religious control and desperation.

Today they have a home church and grow in the knowledge of God. They love people and love the Lord Who set them free from the bondage of slavery!

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Pastor Victor, Natasha and their son Leonid are pastors in Sosnovka village in Kirov region. Their life was changed by Jesus when they were given a verdict by doctors that their son has extreme autism and will never make it in life. Victor and Natasha were crushed and began to seek God. Soon believers from Vyatskie Polyany shared the Good News with them and everything changed. They began to believe God for the healing of their son Leonid. The progress was slow but what happened was that God began to send to them people with mental conditions to share the Gospel with them. Amazingly this is how the church was started and it consists mainly of people who have been given up by doctors and psychiatrists. Jesus is healing them and changing lives. Today Leonid graduated from the law institute and is a very active church member.


Pastors Svetlana and Ruslan are pastoring church in Krasnoborsk of Ulyanovsk region and also overseeing 3 village churches.

Svetlana comes from Moslem family from Bashkortostan and was persecuted by her parents when they found out that she became a believer in Christ.

But she was firm in her faith and soon God brought Ruslan into her life. They met during our pastoral conference and soon got married. In Krasnoborsk - home village of Ruslan Sveta became a Pastor of the church.

She is very wise and dedicated to ministry. They love people and love the Lord.

During Pandemics regional government was calling to Sveta and seeking her counsel on how and whom should they distribute financial assistance in the village of Krasnoborsk. Because Svetlana is honest and trsutworthy.

Their family is an example for village people where there is no alcohol and there is mutual respect and love. They have 2 children: a daughter and a son.


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