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March 2021
March 14 is Pi Day
Can we interest you in a book about math?
Don't worry these books won't make you feel like you are back in school studying for a test, but they will explain how numbers like pi, zero and infinity really do matter in your daily life. Click on the book cover to place a request for the book. Where available, clickable links to ebooks and audiobooks are included. Book summaries excerpted from www.goodreads.com
How to Bake Pi by Eugenia Cheng
What is math? How exactly does it work? And what do three siblings trying to share a cake have to do with it? In How to Bake Pi, math professor Eugenia Cheng provides an accessible introduction to the logic and beauty of mathematics, powered, unexpectedly, by insights from the kitchen. ebook
Finding Zero by Amir D. Aczel
The invention of numerals is perhaps the greatest abstraction the human mind has ever created. Virtually everything in our lives is digital, numerical, or quantified. The story of how and where we got these numerals, which we so depend on, has for thousands of years been shrouded in mystery.
The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets by Simon Singh
You may have watched hundreds of episodes of The Simpsons without ever realizing that cleverly embedded in many plots are subtle references to mathematics, ranging from well-known equations to cutting-edge theorems and conjectures. That they exist, Simon Singh reveals, underscores the brilliance of the shows' writers, many of whom have advanced degrees in mathematics in addition to their unparalleled sense of humor.
Think Like a Freak by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
While not strictly about math, statistics play a part in this captivating and unconventional analysis of success. You’ll learn the secrets of a Japanese hot-dog-eating champion, the reason an Australian doctor swallowed a batch of dangerous bacteria, and why Nigerian e-mail scammers make a point of saying they’re from Nigeria. digital audiobook
As you know, March is Women's History month and this short list of books will give you a peek at the diverse lives of women. You know and have loved all the big-name, well publicized books written by or about women but try one of these favorably reviewed but less well-known books that share the life experiences of women.

Click on the book cover to place a request for the book. Where available, clickable links to ebooks and audiobooks are included. Book summaries excerpted from those provided by the book publishers on www.bccls.org.
The Heart: Frida Kahlo in Paris
by Marc Petitjean
This intimate account offers a new, unexpected understanding of the artist's work and of the vibrant Surrealist art scene in the 1930s. In 1939, devastated after the revelation that her husband had had an affair with her sister, Frida Kahlo left her home in Mexico and headed for Paris to rebuild her life and rediscover her art.
A Game of Birds and Wolves
by Simon Parkin
The triumphant true story of the young women who helped to devise the winning strategy that defeated Nazi U-boats and delivered a decisive victory in the Battle of the Atlantic. By 1941, Winston Churchill had come to believe that the outcome of World War II rested on the battle for the Atlantic. A grand strategy game was devised by Captain Gilbert Roberts and a group of ten Wrens (members of the Women's Royal Naval Service) assigned to his team in an attempt to reveal the tactics behind the vicious success of the German U-boats. ebook
Negroland by Margo Jefferson
Born in 1947 in upper-crust black Chicago--her father was head of pediatrics at Provident, at the time the nation's oldest black hospital; her mother was a socialite--Margo Jefferson has spent most of her life among (call them what you will) the colored aristocracy, the colored elite, the blue-vein society. Since the nineteenth century they have stood apart, these inhabitants of Negroland, "a small region of Negro America where residents were sheltered by a certain amount of privilege and plenty." ebook digital audiobook
The Book of Rosy
by Rosayra Pablo Cruz
From a mother whose children were taken from her at the U.S. border by the American government in 2018 and another mother who helped reunite the family, a crucial, searing story about the immigration odyssey, family separation and reunification, and the power of individuals to band together to overcome even the most cruel and unjust circumstances. ebook
What We Carry
by Maya Shanbhag Lang
Maya Lang grew up idolizing her brilliant mother, an accomplished psychologist who immigrated to the United States from India, completed her residency and earned an American medical degree--all while nurturing young children and keeping a traditional Indian home. This is the story of a daughter and her mother, of lies and truths, of being cared by and caring for; it is the story of how we can never really grow up until we fully understand the people who raised us. digital audiobook