Eric Warner, Untitled, cross-hatching (Current student)
1. Where are you from?
My family is from Tarm, in Hadramout. It is an oasis in the middle of the eastern desert. It has been a centre of Sufi learning and scholarship for about a thousand years.

2. Describe your journey to becoming an artist.
Since I was a little girl in Yemen, I always loved to draw. I wasn’t allowed to do this in school and there were no classes. So everything I did, I did on my own. When I became a refugee from the civil war in Yemen, I was living in London. I worked six days a week in two coffee shops but on the seventh day, I would visit the National Gallery. Eventually, I got up the courage to register for my first proper art course. It was a course in figurative sculpture at the Royal Drawing School. I fell in love with sculpture and I decided to pursue art.
Rasha Obaid with a work in progress sculpture
3. What draws you to realist art as a focus?
Representing the human form in the way that we do is forbidden where I come from. At first I was not drawn to representational art because it is forbidden. However, from my first class at the Royal Drawing School to this first year at Studio Incamminati, I have found more meaning and personal satisfaction in pursuing art, despite there being very real risks for me as a woman in my culture choosing this path.

4. Why did you choose Studio Incamminati?
It was really the passion that I saw in the talks and presentations on the website and on YouTube in both the students and the Instructors. I have never seen anything like the Facebook live events; I learned so much and it was so fun. I tell all my friends about Incamminati and they are jealous.
Watercolor painting by Rasha
5. What do you hope to accomplish in our program?
I want to be great at drawing and sculpture. I want to someday create a sculpture that will sit somewhere in a park in Aden. And I want to teach girls and women who share my background about the joy and freedom of practicing art.

6. How has the first month been starting a new art school amid a pandemic?
I think the administration at SI has handled everything exceptionally well. I realize that it is not easy to do, but they have managed to create a really great (and beautiful) learning environment that also feels safe. I am very grateful to be here.

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We have recently renewed our Act 48 Continuing Professional Education Requirements, an important state-approved certification allowing us to offer Pennsylvania state-recognized education credits to students in our Art Educators workshops.
In a nutshell, Act 48 requires all public school art educators to complete six credits of collegiate study, six credits of Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved courses, or 180 hours of continuing education courses, by an approved provider, such as Studio Incamminati. The certification must be renewed every 5 years.
Natalie Italiano, Korean Childs Hanbok, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches
For the last 13 years we have offered PA art educators 30 hours of credits through our Art Educators workshops, with alumni, Instructor, and artist Natalie Italiano. Past subject matter has included color study and still life to into to portrait painting, with multiple classes typically running during the summer. Through Italiano’s teachings, students will be introduced to fundamental concepts in painting and drawing, based on the Studio Incamminati method such as exploring a limited palette and working in open and closed grisaille. 

In portrait classes, students may focus on the construction of the head through planes and anatomical landmarks, while considering light and values. In color study, students will learn to see beyond the colors in front of them and instead learn how light influences “seeing” color as the effect of light on form.

In summer 2021 we will continue offering Art Educator workshops with both in-person and online options available, dependent upon on the state of the pandemic. While classes do offer credits for art educators, they are open to all students as an introduction to our curriculum.

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This school year we were elated to welcome back 2016 Studio Incamminati graduate Nell O’Leary as an instructor for our Figure Drawing class. While known for her stellar work in colors (see a video of Nell’s thoughts on our color study curriculum) she opted to teach figure studies witness the excitement, surprises and moments of poetry that come from working with a live model.
Nell O' Leary
“I am so fortunate to come back as an instructor this year not only to stay engaged in an academic environment (which I find to be immeasurably fulfilling), but to also take advantage of the vibrant Philly art community. It's important to me to keep a finger on the pulse of what is being shown and how we painters continue to communicate through our work.”
As an Incamminati student, Nell recalled the “infectious passion and enthusiasm” of our Instructors and hopes to provide that same experience to her current students. When asked what lessons she wished to impart, she named three: (1) Find the thing that burns you up enough to need to draw and paint it. Talk about it often. Find others who are equally passionate and discuss their ideas and immerse yourself in that creative energy. (2) Always ask. The worst you can hear is no. (3) Don’t take yourself too seriously.

“I came to Studio Incamminati at 22, so the school really became a home that shaped my formative adult years and helped me navigate a new city.”
Spotlight No. 4
Nell made sure to follow her own sage advice post-graduation as she stayed on at Incamminati as a Fellow, while teaching a color study public art class through our Workshop and Continuing Education programs through 2017. The teaching experience inspired MFA aspirations, leading her to study in Ireland at Burren College of Art. Taking full advantage of her surroundings, she made sure to visit as many museums across Europe as possible. She graduated April of this year with a Master of Fine Arts, allowing her to build upon a foundational knowledge of portraiture as it translates into contemporary practice.

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This lecture series invites internationally renowned artists and thought leaders to discuss personal creative philosophies on a wide variety of topics from history, to modern art, to art's place in medicine.

Cost is $10, or free for area art students.
Currently, all lectures will be held on Zoom, unless otherwise stated.

The series is supported by art collectors and philanthropists, Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt, Founders of The Bennett Prize.
with Aneka Ingold
Date: Monday, October 26
Time: 6pm EST
How to Become an Artist in Baroque Rome
with Jesse Locker
Date: Wednesday, December 16
Time: 6pm EST
Art Book with Red, Yellow, Blue, White, oil on canvas, 12 x 18 inches, 2020 (Thesis) (2020 Graduate)
APRIL 18, 2021

Building Bok, 7th Floor
12 - 6pm
As part of The Center for Emerging Visual Artists annual Open Studio Tours, come enjoy the spectacular work of our 2020 Advanced Fine Art Program graduates, as well as a tour of our newly opened facilities in Bok Building.

The exhibition will also include the work of Florence Academy students who finished their education at SI following the closing of the New Jersey campus.

Screenshot of art model Anastasia in Squint
Student Scott Woyak Elevates the Experience of Painting from a Live Model Virtually
Our students show brilliance in more areas than art! Learn about the creation of original livestream program Squint.

Studio Incamminati exists to meet the express needs of students eager to learn the aesthetic and philosophical techniques and principles of humanist realism.
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