Even in challenging times, February days bring much to celebrate. Along with lengthening light, Valentine’s Day and Family Day inspire us to reach out to those we love and care for. It may mean picking up the phone or a virtual meeting, but we all appreciate those moments. Our family members, too, appreciate all the support you provide to Threads of Life, allowing them to participate in programs and services. Read on to meet one of the families you’ve already helped.
One more family with a missing piece
The ‘Core 4’ was how Tommy Harroun described his family. Tommy was “a huge family man and a hard worker,” his wife Shawna says. He worked right through the lung disease caused by exposure to dust and chemicals at a plastics factory -- he wanted to look after his Core 4. Now Tommy is missing from the Core 4, and Shawna’s message to others is to know the hazards at work and wear your PPE as one way to keep your own family intact. Thanks to your support, Shawna is now a Threads of Life family member and volunteer speaker, and one of her daughters received an annual Threads of Life scholarship for post-secondary education. Read Shawna's story.
Walk together with us in Steps for Life this year
IT’S ON! Steps for Life registration is open, and this year we need you to help make a breakthrough for health and safety! 

Steps for Life-Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy is the country's number one national health and safety event. It’s a perfect way for companies and individuals to step up for safety, no matter where you’re located. It’s a perfect kick-off to national Safety and Health Week (NAOSH), the first week of May. And it’s a perfect way to support families affected by work-related fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease -- the families you know and the families you don’t. Every dollar raised through Steps for Life sustains Threads of Life programs and services. Get a head start - register online today!
On the blog
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