Executive Director
Strong Tower Ranch

Dear friends,

I am pleased to announce that Mark Willis has accepted our offer to be the Executive Director at Strong Tower Ranch.

The Board of Directors prayed about and worked towards finding a godly person that could lead the Ranch forward in reaching more young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Board unanimously voted that Mark Willis should fill that role.

For 14 years, Mark and his wife Joy have served at Strong Tower Ranch in various positions. Their servant leadership and passion for mentoring is well documented and has produced much fruit as evidenced by the many thriving young people that have come to the Ranch over the years. Now, Mark will formally lead this organization as Executive Director. 
Mark is excited about mentoring, inspiring and leading the hundreds of campers and young people that will come to the Ranch in the years ahead. If you talk with Mark and Joy, they will tell you STR is their "happy place" as they see it as a privilege to serve the staff, volunteers and young people who attend camp.

Please join me and the entire Board in welcoming Mark Willis as our Executive Director.  


Andrew Moehlenpah
Chairman, Board of Directors
Strong Tower Ranch
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