Dear Friends of KO!
We are so excited to spotlight two of our Play It Forward Campaign spokespersons.
The first, Elizabeth Vowell of WAFB in Baton Rouge is currently the anchor of the 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm news. Elizabeth shares with us in the above video how playing the clarinet deeply influenced her confidence and growth. We are grateful for sharing her story with us and helping to lead the campaign efforts.
We are also very fortunate to have Paige Hoffman as a Play It Forward campaign representative. Now an accomplished alumnus of our program, Paige started with Kids’ Orchestra when she was about nine years old. 

During her time as a Kids’ Orchestra student, Paige participated in our Group Flute Classes and Bucket Band. Bucket Band is an example of one of the foundational music courses that we offer to students in addition to individual instrument classes. In her flute classes, Paige learned fundamental technique, notation, and practicing skills through fun songs like “Hot Cross Buns.” 

Being in Kids’ Orchestra helped Paige fill the gap for music opportunities in her education. At the end of each semester, Paige participated in concerts with her fellow students. We offer at least one final performance for each class of students to show off what they have learned throughout the year to their families and friends. 

With the help of Kids’ Orchestra, Paige was able to go outside of her comfort zone and meet new people. Paige still remembers the connections and friendships she was able to make with students from different schools throughout the community. 

After she graduated Kids’ Orchestra, Paige continued her music education and flute playing with private lessons from her previous teaching artist, Susanne Buerkle. 

Now, Paige is almost sixteen years old, and music continues to be a huge part of her life. She is still a flute and piccolo player and has added composition to her list of talents. Paige has gone on to participate in other community music opportunities such as the Louisiana Youth Orchestra and performing at LSU Basketball and Baseball events. Paige plans on pursuing a degree in composition to eventually become a composition professor herself. 

“Kids’ Orchestra is an astounding program that gives children in the community the opportunity to begin their journey to finding themselves through music... I wonder if I would be the composer and musician I am today if I wouldn’t have had that outlet like Kids’ Orchestra,” says Paige.
Kids’ Orchestra is thankful for these Play It Forward Campaign Sponsors
KO Student Spotlight
Our first spotlight is on Stella and
Maya L.!  

Stella and Maya are both violin students at KO, and they were nominated by their teacher Ms. Anna! They were nominated for their passion and enthusiasm for music! “They come very prepared for every lesson and eager to learn more new music every time,” says Ms. Anna.  

They are so dedicated to learning new skills and are always teaching themselves new music to play together. 

We are so proud of you girls!
Our second Student of the Month spotlight is for Vanathi V.!  

Vanathi is a cello student here at KO and was nominated by her teaching artist, Ms. Adalus, for her hard work and commitment to learning!  
"She is such a diligent student, always prepared and ready to take notes so she can practice throughout the week." Says Ms. Adalus. 
Thank you for your hard work, Vanathi! Keep it up!
Thank You to Our Supporters