For our final newsletter of 2018, we'd like you to meet the Jowers, our newest NLAI missionaries.
December 2018
Meet our Missionaries: 
Jasper and Latrica Jowers
Jasper and Latrica Jowers
Construction Coordinators

How long have you served with NLAI? 
We have visited and served at NLCH for the last 12 years through short-term missions and have recently made the commitment as full-time missionaries. We will be serving five to ten years or for however long God calls us. We're currently completing language school and are eager to get back to NLCH.
Tell me about a special interaction with or story of transformation of one of the NLCH kids:
While serving on short term missions through the last twelve years, we have enjoyed watching the kids as they grow up and then become mentors for the other children through Christ.

How can we pray for you? 
Please pray for our continued financial support, our health, completing and retaining Spanish, for our health and safety of our family in the United States, our transition from language school to serving at the children's home, and the NLCH children.