We're excited to introduce to you a special couple known at NLCH as "Papaw and Mamaw."
February 2018
Meet our Missionaries: 
Tommy and Marilyn Todd
Tommy Todd
Coordinator of Construction and Maintenance

Marilyn Todd
Coordinator of Child Sponsorship Program at NLCH

How long have you served with NLAI?
 1 0 years

What is your favorite thing time of year at NLCH?
Our  favorite time of year here is at Christmas if you can imagine over 50 kids getting Christmas  gifts and some for the first time ever! Their smiling faces and precious laughs are something  you won't forget! They get special foods and lots of cookies during Christmas time. Fireworks  at midnight on Christmas Eve is an event you won't forget either...the whole sky lights up with  fireworks and firecrackers, it's a whole country event!!  

Tell us about a story of transformation: 
We have had two young men at NLCH follow hard after God and step into working as missionaries to their own  country. Currently, they are both working outside of Guatemala, but are looking  forward to the day they return and get  back to serving here in Guatemala.

Tell us about your family.
We have 5 children between us and 10 grandkids: some in Texas, Maryland and  Montana. And as most folks know, we are Papaw and Mamaw  to the 50+ kids here at NLCH and have loved every minute of it!

How can we pray for you? Pray of us as we begin to take the necessary steps to moving back to the States in early November 2018. This is a super hard thing for us to do in obedience to God. We will begin working in our new positions of Directors of Resource Development Jan. 1, 2019 for NLAI. This position  will require us to do lots of traveling so we hope to see many of you in the coming year.

Memorial Gifts
We'd like to take a quick second to say a special thank you for some of our recent gifts given in memoriam. 

Given in Memory of Mr. Lee Roy Williams
Given in Memory of Rev. Gayle Bowen
Given in Memory of Mr. Dusty Winn
Given in Memory of Dandy
Given in Memory of the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Price

By Mr. and Mrs. Brent and Jan Bean of Amarillo, TX


Given in Remembrance of Evelyn Haynes
Given in Remembrance of John Hoel
Given in Remembrance of Bill Francis

By Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Purselley of Waco, TX