We are off to a great start in 2018! This year, we'll be introducing you to  our  NLAI 
missionaries.  We'll start with our longest-serving team,  Kendon and Wendy Wheeler
January 2018
Meet our Missionaries: 
Kendon & Wendy Wheeler
Wendy Wheeler
Director of New Life Children's Home and New Life Christian School

How long have you served with NLAI? 30 years

What is your favorite time of year at NLCH? It is hard to pick one time or thing specifically, but the beginning of school in January is a special time. I love seeing the kids in their spiffy uniforms with their backpacks full of new books. Their faces are a mix of excitement and trepidation as they head to their classrooms. It's a joy to see them with their friends and interacting with their teachers... It's a time for new expectations, hopes and dreams. That is exactly what I have for them and pray that they have as well.
Tell us about a story of transformation of one of the NLCH kids:
 The story of Javier and Eliseo is one that shows such a change. These two brothers were 10 and 7 years old when we received them. Both of their parents were alcoholics; they had never gone to school. From day to day they didn't know where they would sleep or what they would eat. The boys would go to construction sites and ask for work in exchange for bread. It has been a wonderful blessing to see them recuperate their childhood here and enjoy just being kids at NLCH. Today Javier (21) is in his last year of high school with technical training in electricity. He was at the top of his class last year. He is responsible, uses his gifting in music (piano and guitar) on the worship team, and is a loving brother to Eliseo. Eliseo (18) has some learning difficulties, but he always gives his full effort with enthusiasm and is in 9th grade in our school, with curricular adaptations. He is adept with his hands, and I know that he will do well in a technical school. He is well-liked and respected by all the kids. He is an obedient and sweet young man.
Tell us about your family:  We have four children, three daughters- in-law, and three grandchildren. Jared and Rachel live in Waco with Molly & Quentin. Brett and Ashley also live in Waco with Landri. Micah & Laura live in Nashville, and Ian is in Philadelphia

How can we pray for you? I need much wisdom from the Lord as I interact with and encourage children and adolescents with deep hurts and trauma, as well as in leading the many workers that we have. Please pray for the strengthening of our marriage each day. I am burdened with the difficulties of my elderly parents and being so far from them, and your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Kendon Wheeler
President, New Life Advance International

How long have you served with NLAI?  30 years

What is your favorite thing time of year at NLCH?
Christmas. I love to celebrate the birth of Jesus with the kids, especially with those kids who are celebrating their first Christmas at NLCH. 

Tell us about a story of transformation:  I was watching the boys play soccer one afternoon. I quickly noted that the oldest boy was bullying the younger ones, shaming them for not playing well, and running them down. I called him over to confront him, but decided to take a different approach than I normally would have. I reminded him of when he was younger, that he had probably been one of those who had been bullied and pushed around. I imagined that he now felt that it was his turn, that his time had finally arrived. But I asked him what kind of legacy he wanted to leave at the Home when he left one day. How did he want to be remembered? Did he want to be remembered like he remembered those older boys in his life? Or did he want to be remembered as a big brother, a protector?  We began seeing a supernatural transformation take place in his life in a very short time period. He still had his moments, but we saw an overall change in behavior. He had failed in school quite a bit. His grades soon rose and he graduated Salutatorian in his high school class!
We saw acts of service and unselfishness that honestly, we don't see here as much as we'd like. He did become that protector of the underdog. And more than anything, we saw a spiritual transformation and love for Jesus begin to take place.  Today he is married and starting a family with his wife. He is serving God as a missionary. We are so proud of him!

How can we pray for you? 
Pray for me and my walk with the Lord, that it would be intimate and passionate.  Pray for our marriage and our family in the US.  Pray for our family here in Guatemala, the kids that we have at NLCH.  Pray for wisdom as I give leadership to our organization and our team of missionaries.