They've been on the field for just over a year, and we're so thankful for all that they do at NLCH!
October 2018
Meet our Missionaries: 
Rob and Kristy Mehner
Rob and Kristy Mehner
Rob: Director of Training and Pastoral Care
Kristy: Coordinator of Missionary Operations & Assistant to the Director

How long have you served with NLAI? 
We have been serving with NLAI in Guatemala for 1 year and 8 months. We plan to serve 5-10 years, as long as God calls us and provides.

What is your background before coming to NLCH?
We attended La Croix UMC in Cape Girardeau, MO for 20 years where Kristy worked in Children's Ministry for 10 years and Rob worked as Spiritual Formation Pastor for 17 years.  We also attended Grace Church (Missionary USA) in Camby, Indiana for 3 years where Rob worked as the Executive Pastor and Kristy served in Children's Ministry. Kristy has a B.A. in Early Childhood Education. Rob has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Missouri Science & Technology and a  Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary.

What has been your favorite/most memorable part of serving at NLCH?
K: My favorite part about serving at NLCH is having kids come to our house to hang out, and doing pijamadas (sleepovers) at our house or at the Children's home. 
R:  I have two favorites. I enjoy our Bible Study with the missionaries every Thursday night. Kid-wise, I love playing soccer with the older boys on Friday nights. I do the training and scrimmage and have started playing in games against other teams.  Both of us like these activities because they are great ways to build closer relationships with the kids.

Tell me about a special interaction with or story of transformation of one of the NLCH kids:
K: I help after school with our struggling readers to help them improve on literacy. It is rewarding to have them ASK me if they CAN read with me. This is a big deal because at first they did not want to read at all! And now I see them improving!
  R: One of our early teen girls was really down in the dumps, and for good reason. There had been several things over the past year among her family and friends that were very hurtful and sad. She was questioning her faith and why God would allow such things. We chatted for about four hours over two days, and she had several other talks with her house mom and another missionary and she has really come back to life in the past few weeks - and her faith is growing again!

How can we pray for you? 
Always for continuing improvement in our language skills and for our two adult children, Stefan and Casey. Finally, for Kristy's mom and Rob's dad who are dealing with health issues right now.   

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Memorial Gifts
We'd like to take a quick second to say a special thank you for recent gifts that were given in memoriam. 

Given in memory of Constance (Connie) Reynolds
By James and Patty Huffines
By Peggy Wheeler
By Mr. and Mrs. Ferrel Wheeler
By John and Helen Williams

Given in memory of Charles Fulkerson
By Wilshire Place 
By Ferrel and Laura Wheeler
By Tommy and Marilyn Todd