There is so much that goes on behind the scenes at NLCH, and we're so thankful
for Josh Terry and all he does every day to ensure that things go smoothly!
September 2018
Meet our Missionaries: 
Josh Terry
Josh Terry
Administration, Development and Technology

How long have you served with NLAI? 
Next month will make six years since I began my 15-month internship. I became a full-time missionary in 2014.

Tell us about your role with NLAI.
My role includes things that are mostly behind the scenes. I work a lot with our child sponsorship program to put together informational brochures, child profiles, as well as manage the sponsorship database and correspondence.  I also assist with administrative support, technology and the website across the NLCH and New Life Christian School. I'm also a parent to three of our kiddos that are currently in high school. 

But the best part is spending time with our kiddos and building relationships.  I truly enjoy getting to spend quality time with our kiddos. I like asking them how their day was, and letting them know that someone is investing and cares about their life. I want our kids to know how truly valued they are not only to me, but to God.

What is your favorite thing or time of year at NLCH?
I enjoy being able to share the "BIG" moments with our kiddos. It doesn't matter if it's their 15 aƱos, 18th birthday, graduation or school presentation. It's great to see them shine in their moment, and see the impact that our support makes in their lives. I hope they know that we believe they can move mountains, and that we are behind them every step of the way.

How can we pray for you? 
  • That God would keep guiding me on the path that He has for me, and that He would continue working through me in the lives of our kids 
  • That I would keep growing in my walk with Him, and keep trusting His will over mine.
  • That I would find more ways to be innovative for reaching out to new supporters, and spreading the work God is doing at New Life Children's Home in Guatemala.