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This newsletter is dedicated to our volunteers, who are truly the backbone of our organization. Your dedication, passion, and kindness have empowered us to inspire more children, expand our programs, and make a positive difference in our communities.   We thank you for all of your help!  Below we highlight the contributions of just a few of our many volunteers who have generously committed their time and skills to Camp Kindness Counts.   There are many others who will be highlighted in future issues, and there are many volunteer opportunities still open, so please consider volunteering your time and talent to help Camp Kindness Counts.
Hooray for Volunteers !
Board of Directors

Website Designer
I'm a proud mother, passionate designer, photographer, and reader.  I used to teach high school history but since started my own graphic and web design business.   I love to be helpful, especially for people who do wonderful things. I have gained great appreciation for non-profit organizations, g ive your time and passion for great organizations like this.  It take a village to raise a child - and the village that Camp Kindness Counts creates is one with a beautiful message and even better actions! 
                         -Kyung Lee, Design by  Klee

Curriculum Development
I have had 15 amazing years as an educator.   It's important that students learn skills to lead, share kindness, and become positive influences in the world around them. By experiencing the program as well as collaborating with Dhaarmika, I've seen how students are benefiting.  I believe they will continue to grow in ways that will help them build quality lives for themselves and those around them.  New Volunteers!- stay in the moment and let your passion show as you make connections with these wonderful kids.  
   - Sarah Hutchens, Author-Arista's Rescue

Website Guru
I grew up in a small city in Canada and moved to Seattle for work. After 7 years in software engineering, I grew an itch to contribute to the community I lived in. Camp Kindness Counts was doing something very special, and the people who run the organization were brimming with passion - I just had to help out where I could. Because I had a great time volunteering for Camp Kindness Counts, I'm excited to continue working with them and other community groups in the future.                  
                                                  - Brian Dang

Community Outreach
I'm a former engineering professional and mother to two young boys.  I absolutely love working with children.   I began volunteering with Camp Kindness Counts after seeing how the activities of this organization could help with the social development of my oldest child and other children. Volunteering with Camp Kindness Counts has been an invaluable experience for me in terms of helping children learn the power of empathy and kindness.
                                              -Aruna Singhal

Compassionate Team Players!

Kelsey and Veronica have dedicated endless amounts of energy  during camp for 3 years!  Kelsey's passion for fun and experience in pediatric care has been a blessing in many ways, she's our shining light.  Veronica's dedication to camps and Camp Kindness Counts year round is something for which we are forever grateful. Her support, advice, and true love for children has provided us the opportunity explore and grow in many ways.  Thank you both for believing in Camp Kindness Counts and growing with us!

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Grant Research
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Volunteer Coordinator and Recruitment
Public/Community Relations
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Event Planning

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