October 2017

UD's College of Education & Human Development is proud to welcome seven new faculty/researchers committed to making a difference in the community.
Roderick Carey
Young men in urban contexts

Roderick L. Carey is an assistant professor in the department of Human Development and Family Sciences. His interdisciplinary research examines the school experiences of black and Latino adolescent boys and young men in urban contexts, drawing upon critical theories, sociological tools, and constructs from developmental psychology.  

Prior to joining UD, Dr. Carey was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Urban Education. In partnership with the Department of Applied Developmental Psychology, he was the lead qualitative researcher on a team conducting mix-methods evaluations of the Heinz Endowments Youth Organizing initiative.
Akisha Jones
Education practices in urban contexts

Dr. Akisha Jones is a research assistant professor in the School of Education at the Center for Research in Education and Social Policy.

She has years of experience conducting research in public and non-profit sectors of education. Most recently, she spent two years as a Harvard Strategic Data Project fellow managing projects connecting research and policy/practice. 

Her passion is using research to improve education practice and outcomes in urban contexts and among underserved populations. 
Sue Giancola
Research and Evaluation Methodology

Sue Giancola, Ph.D. is associate director of the Center for Research in Education and Social Policy (CRESP). Prior to joining UD, Dr. Giancola spent over 20 years providing research and evaluation services in education and human services, including 15 years as an independent consultant. 

Dr. Giancola's primary area of research involves developing evaluation methodologies that foster the integration of evaluation into program design and to promote the use of evaluation as a continuous improvement component. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of research methods, management of human services programs, assessment, and evaluation. 
Bridgette G. Johnson
Special Education/Disabilities

Bridgette Johnson joins us as a clinical assistant professor in the department of Human Development and Family Sciences. Her research is focused on teacher self-efficacy as it pertains to teachers serving students with severe disabilities and the implications of their sense of efficacy on their classroom practice.

She has taught blended courses that placed emphasis on: best practices in educating young children with disabilities; the development of individualized educational programs; developmentally appropriate curriculum; intervention strategies; transition; and inclusion.  
Jaime True Daley
Special education

Dr. Daley is an assistant professor in the School of Education, specializing in special education. 

She researches the efficacy of instructional practices in K-12 and post-secondary schools that incorporate a self-determination framework. She concentrates on the impact of instruction on individuals with executive functioning challenges and how neural pathways used for reading and mathematics skills may be developed and strengthened.

She is also coordinating the new online M.Ed. in Exceptional Children and Youth program. 
Siobahn Suppa
Mathematics Education

Siobhan Young is an instructor in the School of Education, currently pursuing her PhD at UD. 

Her  research examines how curricular features and designs support teachers to enact high quality learning opportunities for students, particularly during unanticipated moments in the classroom. She is investigating how written lesson plans that have undergone extensive systematic cycles of continuous improvement support novice teacher educators to respond productively to preservice teachers during enactment. 
Linda Grace
Literacy Instruction

Linda H. Grace is an assistant professor in the School of Education with a focus on literacy instruction. She also works as a literacy coach for the Professional Development Center for Education. Her doctoral research project focused on improving teacher practice through professional development in comprehension instruction.  Prior to joining the SOE faculty, she worked a Coordinator of Elementary English Language Arts for Brandywine School District, principal, literacy coach, reading specialist, and teacher. 
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