The healing power of kindness is present in every gift.
It is our privilege to pass it on.

This month we are pleased to introduce our newest board member. We also have some great news to share about how innovative technology is making an impact in our emergency department and Bronson Children's Hospital.

Thank you to our community of donors, partners, and sponsors for all the continued support.

Thank you,

Liz Semaan
Executive Director
Foundation Welcomes New Board Member
Bronson Health Foundation is thrilled to announce our newest member of Bronson Health Foundation Board of Directors, Philip E. Hamilton. Phil is a proud University of Michigan alumnus and studied law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law where he earned his Juris Doctor. Phil and his wife, Ean, moved to southwest Michigan nearly five years ago to raise their sons, Parker and Austin. Last year, he and Ean established Hamilton Law, PLC. Please join us in welcoming Phil.
Innovative Technology Makes Big Impact
Bronson is grateful for the generous support from Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services for funding UV-ReadyDocks. This technology is being used in Bronson Methodist Hospital and Bronson Battle Creek's emergency departments to reduce the transmission of pathogens like COVID-19. By utilizing Ultraviolet-C, the device is a chemical-free option that significantly reduces decontamination times. This technology allows for Bronson staff to quickly and frequently disinfect smaller medical and communication devices.
Carlson Farms Supports Bronson Children's Hospital
A special thank you to Norm and Karen Carlson for hosting a virtual alternative to their Carlson Farms - Farm to Table event this year. Around this time each year, hundreds usually gather on their farm to raise thousands of dollars in support of programs at Bronson Children's Hospital. Norm and Karen were not going to allow the pandemic to stand in the way of raising precious funds for our young patients. They took their silent auction online and even ensured there was a fireworks show that people could watch online! We are grateful for their continued partnership. Thank you to the donors and sponsors who helped the Carlson's raise nearly $25,000 and counting. As the Carlson's say, "It's all about the kids."
Donor Support Funds New Technology for NICU
We are grateful to our generous donors who funded a vein visualization device for Bronson Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This device assists staff with finding the best veins for IV starts and blood draws. Also known as vein mapping, this technology creates a real-time visual “map” of the veins on the surface of the skin. Cammy Fraaza, manager of nursing in the NICU, shares that “the portable ultrasound machine has been a tremendous tool for the staff in minimizing needle pokes. This ultrasound machine has also proven to be useful for our pediatric surgeons.”
Special Thanks to the
Bronson Children's Hospital Virtual Run & Walk Sponsors!
The 2020 Bronson Children's Hospital Virtual Run & Walk was a big success - raising nearly $168,000 with more than 1,700 registered participants! Thank you for making our first virtual Run & Walk, a successful one. A special thanks to our generous sponsors who helped us surpass our goal!