We are Excited to Have These Four Amazing Judges for the 2020 Next Big Idea Competition on 10/27/20
Sarah Canepa Bang is a Herb Wegner Award winner, Credit Unions for Kids Champion and served on the Advisory Board of the Children's Miracle Network where Marie Osmond got to meet her twin!
Bruce Dragt is a first time judge. He's the Chief Product Officer for CO-OP Financial Services and when we asked him for a fun photo we got to see how Rick Springfield is aging.....
When we asked Kris Kovacs, CEO of Constellation and winner of the 2017 NBI Competition, if he had any pictures of himself with rock stars, he replied with this photo of 2019 NBI winner Bolun Li, CEO of Zogo Finance and two time NBI winner Keith Kelly, CEO of Rate Reset.
Bolun Li, CEO of Zogo Finance, was our 2019 Next Big Idea Winner and went on to win Finovate beating out Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank!
Your Final Four Have Been Decided. Tune in Next Week and Vote for the Winner!
Meet our NBI Competitors Moving on to the "Final Four"

Now that Round One is complete, our Final Four Next Big Idea Competition will take place on Tuesday, October 27 at 11:00 a.m. PDT. Join us as the four finalists pitch their ideas to become the 2020 NBI Winner. Along with the title, cash prizes are on the line - 1st place wins $7,500 and 2nd place wins $2,500 (courtesy of CO-OP Financial Services). Each contestant will have seven minutes to present and at the conclusion of each presentation our panel of judges will have eight minutes for Q & A. The audience gets to vote for who wins the Next Big Idea Competition. Don’t delay registering, as online seating is limited.

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NACUSO thanks CO-OP Financial Services for contributing prize money to the 2020 Next Big Idea Competition. To learn more about CO-OP Financial Services, click on the video below: