March 31, 2021
Meet the Kisembo/Chirimwami Family
Patrick Kisembo and Rosette Chirimwami met in Congo working for the same humanitarian organization in their fight against child poverty.

They married and wanted to start a family, but Congo was not a safe place to raise children. They are now a family of 5 living in a 2-bedroom apartment in Normal.

They are a 2021 Partner Family with Habitat McLean County. We'll break ground on their new house this spring!
No Fooling! ReStore extends hours

We're thrilled to announce, starting APRIL 1st, the ReStore is extending open hours to 10am-6pm Tues-Sat!!
Those hours are for shopping, donating, and volunteering.

To celebrate the new 6pm closing time, our theme this week is "6". There is 60% off lighting and you can fill up a media bag for $6!

To help you and yours stay safe, you can buy a box of hand sanitizer for $1 *Teachers and non-profits can have as much hand sanitizer as you need free! Follow the ReStore on Facebook.
The ReStore is always looking for friendly, hard-working volunteers to help unload and process donations, stock and organize shelves, and assist customers with merchandise.

All volunteers must attend an orientation. We now offer an online option you can fit into your schedule when it is convenient for you. Please read some basic information about volunteering for the ReStore here, then follow the link to take the online orientation.
Covid hair for good
We've all had challenges with our hair during the pandemic. Should we go to our hair stylist or barber? Should we cut it ourselves? Should we just let it grow? Habitat McLean County board president, Sheri Bruun, opted for the third choice and didn't cut her hair for a year.

Just before a milestone birthday, Sheri spent the day pampering herself. The first thing she did was have 8 inches cut off her hair to donate to Children With Hair Loss.
Watch a short video now.

Thank you, Sheri, for your kind and giving heart and for your dedication to Habitat!