MCC Moderator Nominating Committee
Greetings from the 2018–2019 MCC Moderating Nominating Committee! All five of us are excited and honored to be serving our denomination in this critical task of presenting a slate of highly qualified and called candidates for you to vote on at our 50 th Anniversary 2019 General Conference next July in Orlando, Florida, USA.

In our first report, we would like to share a little about ourselves and the timeline for our work. Our sincere hope is everyone throughout our denomination will take an active role in our work by praying for us, giving us your input and by nominating individuals you believe would be great potential candidates.
Since being appointed by the Governing Board, we have met a number of times by video call to bond as a team, to agree on our communications covenant, to learn about each other’s gifts and talents and to establish our overall project plan. We are excited to be working together as a team and have agreed to serve in the following roles on the team:

  • Team Co-Chairs: Rev. Gavin Ward and Velma Garcia
  • Team Vice-Chair: Rev. Brendan Boone
  • Communications Lead: Kellie Taylor-White
  • Project Coordinator: Stan Kimer

We have established an email address to receive feedback and questions from anyone in MCC. That email address is MNC@MCCChurch.net . We welcome your input as we embark on this task and will be glad to answer questions about procedure and timelines. Do keep in mind, however, we cannot answer confidential questions about our ongoing work (i.e., such as if a particular person has been nominated, etc.), nor questions sent to individual members of the MNC.
Get to Know Us
Watch the Video!

As we engage this work, we believe it is important for you to get to know us! So in this first communication, we are pleased to share an 8-9 minute video where we introduce ourselves in an effort to allow you to know a little more about each of us. It is exciting for all of us to be part of such a strong, uniquely diverse team and to experience a deep sense of unity from the time we commenced our work!

In addition, we will also update the Moderator Nominating Committee webpage with all the information we publicize so you can find all our ongoing information in one place. 

Communications from the MNC

In our discussions regarding providing updates to you as we engage this work, we decided to first provide you with the MNC Work Plan and Timeline and then send out additional communications at key times during our process (i.e., for example when we send out the global survey for your input or publicize a call for nominations). We will also strive, if invited, to be available (either in person or via video call) for Network Gatherings to answer questions about the process and timeline.

Finally, we would like to share our Work Plan and Timeline in establishing the slate of candidates to be voted on at General Conference. Graphic below can also be found at this link: http://bit.ly/2MapdUm
May God’s spirit of peace, wisdom and unity work in and through us and our hearts during this exciting time in our fellowship’s journey!

In Christ’s Service,

Your 2019 MCC Moderator Nominating Committee
(Gavin, Velma, Brendan, Kellie and Stan)
Metropolitan Community Churches is celebrating 50 Years!
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