Hear from the Thought Leaders redefining Operational Excellence in Healthcare at the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit.
Lean Healthcare: Identifying and implementing the right operational excellence tools that fit within your organization

In this workshop, learn from Donna the key principles necessary to implement the right operational excellence tools that fit within your organization:

  • Excellence begins with a foundation
  • Project Fatigue – the law of the instrument – over-reliance on familiar tools
  • One size does not fit all – different levels of training
  • Process improvement decision matrix – hybridization
  • Changing behaviour and culture
  • Removing waste and flow
  • Reducing variation and accuracy 

Donna Powers
Lean Six Sigma Specialist
Ensuring that the Executive Board is Bought in to Sustain a Successful OpEx Program

Cardinal Health has had considerable benefits with operational excellence since they embarked on this journey 11 years ago, but how have they sustained this in the organization? Hear Bill discuss their journey and how they have trained > 20,000 employees to look for continuous improvement and achieved significant economic benefit to their organization. In addition, Bill will discuss:

How to engage and educate executive leaders and management in OpEx?

Getting the leadership team to understand the end to end value stream

Demonstrating strategy alignment with OpEx benefits, efficiency, productivity, top line growth and cost savings

Communicating the expecting operating system that is to be present in all areas of the business, culture and leadership behaviors, metrics, diversity and talent management

Bill Owad
Sr. Vice President, Operational Excellence
Improving Operational Throughput to Provide an Excellent Patient Experience

To address recent healthcare requirements, a big focus now is on patient experience and how they perceive the interaction with the hospital. In this presentation Chuck will discuss how they are:

  • Addressing patient experience to ensure that patients not only receive the best care but are satisfied with the care
  • Evaluating the end to end patient and providing care process 
  • How operational excellence helps the future patient experience
Chuck DeBusk
Vice President, Performance & Process Improvement
Executing Strategy through the Development of an Integrated Management System That Drives Cultural & Behavioural Change
In Bryan's session, learn how to:
  • Translate, communicate and align goals throughout the organization that engages employees up and down the value chain?
  • Achieve sustainability of the continuous improvements that you make throughout the organization 
  • How to develop a management structure that visualizes abnormalities that calls for improvement.

Bryan Crowell
Assistant VP, Continuous Improvement
Predictive Modeling: Applying Operational Excellence Methodologies in Identifying Meaningful Data that Yields Results

As the principal investigator for technical projects that manages the data and analytics group at Christiana, Tze will discuss how he manages the priority and alignment of meaningful data projects in the healthcare system. In addition he will address

  • Ensuring that your data is clean and understood: how to understand the data
  • How to create a predictive model that will help you get a head start on the competition
  • Applying quantitative operational excellence methodologies and simulation tools to your predictive model

Tze Chiam
Associate Director, Research Informatics

Gaining Process Automation Buy-in for Successful Implementation

Prior to process automation, the Lab at Rockford Health System had 7 different platforms and touchpoints for employees. Hear how Mamta and the team:

  • Demonstrated the benefit and ease with process automation 
  • Addressed patient concerns that were not being considered before automation
  • Brought 4 generations of employees together to secure buy-in
Mamta Patel
Administrative Laboratory Director
Creating & Sustaining a Toyota-Style Lean Culture in a Large Hospital
At BS&W they focus on 3 specific components of Lean Healthcare to change the continuous improvement culture of the leaders and employees of this company. Hear how Dennis:
  • Instilled an employee led problem solving lean focused system and trained over 400 leaders in a Lean Management System
  • Identified and implemented a new style of huddle boards that tracks metrics and engages staff
  • Increased the dollar amount of average business office cash collections by 50%
Dennis Raymer
VP of Operations Excellence
A Systematic Approach to Creating a Culture of Structured Problem Solving

In this session, hear from Mustafa Abdulali of NCR Corporation on his priorities in culture transformation. Key focus points include:

  • Systems govern behavior; behaviors create a culture
  • Define what a system is and how one gets created
  • Identify what systems you need to in order to do structured problem solving
  • How is this different from what we do now and what will it lead to?
Mustafa Abdulali
Director of Lean Transformation
Shifting the Culture with Employee Learning: Training your Employees in OpEx & Performance Improvement

Hear from Christopher:

  • What should your training program look like?
  • Involving leadership and front line staff on business improvement and the importance of metrics
  • Engaging your employees: remove the fear factor and create a culture of transparency 
  • Understanding your employees purpose and processes to show to the executive leadership team on their impact 
Christopher Govero
Executive Director of Performance Improvement and Outpatient Services 
Taking your Operational Excellence Program to the Next Level

Angel will lead this session with a focus on:

  • How to create a true assessment of your capabilities and gap analysis for the next level 
  • Understanding where you currently are, identify the holes and plan for the future with management buy-in
  • Training the future operational excellence leaders - what to look for?  
Angel Garcia
Global Continuous Improvement Leader