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Be a Gem Scholarships and MCC's Global Work

Meet the Scholarship Recipients!
Pastor Alexya Lucas Evangelista Salvador

"It will be an enriching opportunity to be with the whole church together in one place. [Attending General Conference will provide] education and a deepening of the experience in being ICM in the world with other pastoral realities. It will also strengthen the charisma of militancy in the fight for Human Rights as Igrejas da Comunidade Metropolitana."

Above: Pastor Alexya Salvador (second from right) is pictured with her family.
Be a Gem Leaders are doing transformative work
in their local communities.

The Be a Gem Scholarship Program fills a gap for global leaders who simply do not have the financial capacity to attend MCC's triennial gathering. Scholarships range from full coverage to assistance with specific expenses, such as lodging and meals.
Rev. Michael Kimindu

"Neema MCC Mtito Andei is an affiliate of Other Sheep Africa (OSA), Kimer Kamba Cultural Centre (KKCC), Global Justice Institute (GJI), and Emerging Ministries (EM).

Church services are held every Sunday and attended by family members and workers. It is our hope that with resources available, we will be able to offer justice services to the many members of the community who are living with HIV and AIDS.

Our main objective is to empower LGBTI people and allies. With GJI's assistance, we run LGBTI Retreats three times a year and offer one-on-one pastoral care and counseling. With help of Stan Kimer and GJI, we sunk a bore hole which now provides water to a community of about 50 households. We also offer green vegetables and tomatoes at a low cost."
Can they count on you to invest in MCC?

By attending General Conference, these leaders will have the opportunity to access vital resources, attend valuable workshops, and experience inspiring worship. Their presence will enlarge our understanding of MCC's vast and diverse ministries and allow us to learn from their innovative work.
Léo Rossetti

Meet Léo through his video (above). Léo has served on the 2019 Governing Board Nominating Committee and has generously volunteered as a bilingual interpreter for MCC webinars.

Léo said he looks forward to attending General Conference for spiritual edification. " I believe that the spirituality that exists in my ministry walk is linked to the presence in the history of ICM. General Conference is a unique opportunity, a fundamental step, for this ministerial journey."
Lorraine Millar
United Kingdom

" In my ministry as a Hospital Chaplain, I journey with people coming into the world, those experiencing vulnerability due to illness, to those who are leaving the world at the end of their life. In this it is my role to provide spiritual and religious care within an organization that is constantly changing and in the midst of that work to bring hope.

A patient gave me a bookmark that sits in pride of place in my office and it says, Take pride in how far you have come and have Faith in how far you can go’. I have faith that in attending and participating in General Conference, I personally will change. I am passionate about sharing experiences of ministry, of worship, of difference and to be amongst so many gifted and talented peoples who share a deep belief in God will bring that change."
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Donations received from the Easter Offering will support the MCC Be a Gem Scholarship Program and MCC's global work. A separate fundraising effort
is underway to help Rev. Alexya Salvador's family attend General Conference.

Linda Brenner
Director, Be a Gem Scholarship Program
Metropolitan Community Churches