Meet Dr. Widline!
Dr. Widline Civil is serving at the Phaeton mobile clinic.

This is the second of our series of interviews of our staff and volunteers who do the hard work in Haiti. We would like you to get to know them! Today we have an interview Dr. Oris recently did with Dr. Widline Civil as she was serving at a mobile clinic in the little village of Phaeton. Dr. Widline has been on staff at the Haiti Cheri clinic for a little over a year. 

The Haiti Cheri and clinic staff are the real missionaries to Haiti. We do not have any permanent foreign staff in Haiti. As you support the ministry, you are enabling the Haitian people to serve and minister to the Haitian people. To God be the glory! Let's learn a little about Dr. Widline.

Dr. Oris: Today we find ourselves in the village of Phaeton where we're doing a mobile medical clinic. We have with us a talented young woman. Please introduce yourself and let us know what you're doing in this place.

Dr. Widline: My name is Widline Civil, and I'm working in the mobile health clinic here. This is my first opportunity to participate in a mobile clinic with Haiti Cheri.

Dr. O ris: Where did you receive your medical education?

Dr. Widline: I received my degree from the Santiago University of Technology in the Dominican Republic.

Dr. O ris: Tell us a little about your experience.

Dr. Widline: After my education in Haiti, I entered the university in Santiago for six years of medical education, and then two years of residency. At that point my education was complete and I joined the Haiti Cheri clinic.

Dr. Oris: Tell us what you like most about serving people.

Dr. Widline: Well, there are two visions necessary to serve them. For one thing, we need to understand their medical needs and to do what we can to bring them to health. Additionally, I always like to pass some time with them, to talk with them and to understand what's going on with their minds. It's important to know about their psychological condition.

Dr. Oris: What do you think about the Haiti Cheri clinic staff?

Dr. Widline: I love working with the staff. They are all very talented, but even more importantly, we're like a family. It truly is an extraordinary staff.

Dr. Oris: How can we pray for you?

Dr. Widline: Pray that my dream can be realized. I have many dreams, really. Since we're a Christian clinic, I'm praying that we will remain united in prayer and that as we grow professionally, the clinic will grow and mature at the same time.

Dr. Oris: Thank you very much for your time today, and may God bless you abundantly.

For those of you reading in other parts of the world, please join Dr. Widline in her prayer for herself and for the clinic. We truly do want the clinic and staff to grow in faith as they glorify God through their service.
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