And now a word from Gethro...
Gethro Clebert talks about being on mission.

December 1, 2018

We continue our series of "Meet the Staff" emails with this interview of Gethro Clebert, our program director in Haiti. Gethro is responsible for operations on the ground in Haiti. He also loves to go on mission to the remote villages we serve when we bring teams in from overseas. 

One time, a visitor from the U.S. commented to Gethro, "I bet you're glad to finally see us get on the airplane to go back home!" It was an observation that the visiting missionaries often put a great burden on Gethro. But, Gethro's reply truly showed his heart. He replied, "No, I hate to  see you leave! I love to serve with the teams, and I'm encouraged to know that you remember Haiti."

In the interview that follows, Amanda Doane, Haiti Cheri's Connections Director, asks Gethro some questions that show his heart for service. You can find the full video on our Facebook page as well,

Amanda: Would you introduce yourself?

Gethro: I'm Gethro Clebert!

Amanda: And how long have you been with Haiti Cheri?

Gethro: It's been about 12 years since I started with Haiti Cheri.

Amanda: What is your favorite thing about serving with Haiti Cheri?

Gethro: You come to the mission trip, and you go to preach.

Amanda: How did you come to be with Haiti Cheri?

Gethro: I met Dr. O ( Dr. Oris Guillaume, Haiti Cheri founder) at some point and we've been friends for a long time. We met again and reconnected.

Amanda: What is your role in Haiti Cheri?

Gethro: I have many roles! Sometimes I make a bridge between Haiti Cheri in the U.S. and Haiti Cheri in Haiti. Sometimes I work at the clinic and many other things.

Amanda: Lastly, how do you think God is using you in Haiti?

Gethro: I think God sent me for some reason to work with Haiti Cheri. I think there are many, many people who don't know about God. So, I need to work with them and get them to Jesus.

Amanda: Thank you!

We are grateful for all of our staff in Haiti who do the hard work of ministry day after day. Please remember them in your prayers.
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