Meet Sister Olide!
Sister Olide is a faithful servant on every mission trip.

Over the next few weeks we would like to introduce you to some of our staff and volunteers from Haiti. Today we are starting with Sister Olide Jean-Louis from Cap-Haitien. Our Haiti travelers will know her as the cheerful, faithful servant who travels with us to every village to cook for our teams. She serves behind the scenes and blesses our short-term missionaries. She is a volunteer who gives of her time and talent as much as the overseas visitors do.

Here is an interview of Sister Olide conducted by our founder, Dr. Oris Guillaume. We hope you enjoy hearing from this faithful servant of the Lord!

Dr. Oris: We have with us a person many people know and love, Sister Olide. Sister Olide, please tell us who you are and to which church you go.

Sr. Olide: My name is Sister Olide Jean-Louis, and I am a member at Redford Baptist Church in Cap-Haitien.

Dr. Oris: Sister Olide, what is it you like the most about serving people on mission trips?

Sr. Olide: I really love to cook food for people.

Dr. Oris: What is your favorite food to make?

Sr. Olide: I like to make rice and beans. I just love to serve people.

Dr. Oris: Please tell us the first place you went on mission with Haiti Cheri.

Sr. Olide: Eight years ago, I first went with Haiti Cheri to the village Dolval. After that, I went with the team to Acul-Samedi.

Dr. Oris: What do you like most of all about serving the Haiti Cheri teams?

Sr. Olide: I love to make food for them, and I can see that they appreciate it.

Dr. Oris: Please tell us some names of people from the U.S. that you remember.

Sr. Olide: I remember Jenna, Mary, Dan, and many other people. My memories of them make me happy. I send all of them my greetings and I wish them well.

Dr. Oris: Thank you very much Sister Olide!

We know Sister Olide has a heart to serve, and her service to Haiti Cheri is just a small part of what she does for others. Please remember to keep this dear lady in your prayers, that the Lord will bless and keep her, and will shine His face of favor on her!
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