Meet the Staff - Nurse Wildine

May 1, 2019

Nurse Wildine with Nurse Jenny
We would like to introduce our newest staff member in Haiti, Nurse Wildine. She is shown in the foreground of the photo, with Nurse Jenny in the background. Those of you who sponsor children in our medical adoption program will be especially interested to learn about Nurse Wildine's role.

We have been honored to have Nurse Jenny serving at the clinic. The time has come for her to move on, though, and Nurse Wildine has taken her place. In Haiti, medical personnel who receive their education at a state university are obligated to serve in a public hospital once their education is complete. Nurse Jenny's time has come up to serve, so she had no choice but to move on. We wish her the very best!

Nurse Wildine is responsible for the medical adoption program. She keeps records of the kids enrolled in the program, tracks their progress, and reports back to clinic administration. A key element of the medical adoption program is prevention. Many of the issues we treat in the clinic are readily preventable, and we want to get ahead of sickness in the kids enrolled in the program. We encourage parents to bring their kids in to the clinic for well checks quarterly. Prevention is really an unheard of idea in Haiti, though, and we weren't satisfied that we were seeing the kids frequently enough because the parents just didn't understand the need. So what's the solution? We go to them! Nurse Wildine is making visits on a regular basis to the churches where we have concentrations of enrolled children. She travels with the supplies and equipment to do basic well checks and minor treatment. Any more serious issues will receive a referral to the clinic. A key element of her visits is education for the parents. We believe this approach will better serve the kids and their parents. We are grateful that Wildine has taken on this much needed program.

For more information about the medical adoption program, or to sponsor a child, please visit We are grateful for your support and prayers!

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