We are humbled, and excited, to ‘introduce’ you to the waiting children of Bulgaria. While Madison Adoption Associates has proudly been placing children from Bulgaria into loving families since 2010, our goal is to expand our program there, and find even more families for these precious children. We invite you to visit our website , and meet these precious souls who we have been entrusted to advocate for, and find loving
Bulgaria offers a stable, Hague regulated international adoption program. It is generally a moderate to severe special needs program, though some physically healthy older children and sibling groups may be available. Waiting children reside in orphanages, and with foster families, throughout the country.  
Who can adopt from Bulgaria?  Heterosexual married couples and single women are eligible to adopt from Bulgaria. Generally, older parents will be permitted to adopt older children. Parents must be at least 15 years older than the child they wish to adopt. There is no specific requirement regarding length of marriage or prior divorces; however, the strength of the current marriage and relationship history is taken into account. Prospective adoptive parents must have good physical and mental health, have no significant criminal history, and have a stable socioeconomic status. If you are interested in learning more about our Bulgarian program, please contact Sarah , or visit our website .