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We are proud to introduce CCE's new "look" and our completely redesigned website - - a place for you to learn more about  our work  and gain access to helpful resources to support your teaching, leading, and learning. 

We are also happy to introduce our refocused monthly e-communication - now named  Pathways to Equity . Here, we will feature current updates on CCE activities, give voice to practitioners in the field, and offer our latest thinking in our efforts to advance equity in public education. We invite you to explore these resources and get to know the new CCE.   
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Dan French
Executive Director
Equity Spotlight
Colorblind Education is the 'Wrong Response'
Earlier this year, CCE and the  Annenberg Institute for School Reform (AISR) released the second phase of a  research report on Black and Latino males in Boston Public Schools. In response to the report's findings, Dan French, Executive Director of CCE, and Warren Simmons, Executive Director of AISR wrote a  commentary in Education Week urging  the implementation of systems and classroom practices that move from colorblind to explicit and responsive approaches to race and gender. 

Related response to a  Boston Globe article about Boston teachers:  Diversity more than just a face
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QPA Summer Institute Recap
In July, CCE hosted the 5th Annual Quality Performance Assessment (QPA) Summer Institute. At the event, three teachers from Sanborn Regional School District in New Hampshire shared their experiences implementing performance assessments in the classroom. Watch the video below and hear their advice to other practitioners.

Getting Started with QPA
Getting Started with QPA
Upcoming Events
Data-Driven Instruction for English Language Learners (EEC104)
CCE is excited to offer a new mini-course this fall in both Boston and Worcester. Facilitated by our ELL coach, this course focuses on the process of data inquiry and how to plan and implement differentiated learning opportunities for ELLs based on the use of the formative assessment cycle and the examination of student work. 

Earns 15 PDPs and fulfills the RETELL SEI Extending the Learning relicensing requirement.
For more information and to register,  please visit CCE's Events Page.

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CCE is happy to announce that we have been selected as the Massachusetts Regional Partner with Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC). As regional partners, NGLC will be supporting CCE's future launch of the Massachusetts Personalized Learning Network. Stay tuned for more information!
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Teacher with student Earlier this year, CCE received the Partners in Excellence award from the  Association of California School Administrators in recognition of our work in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District on the  Los Angeles New Administrators Programa field-based leadership development credentialing program for new school administrators . Thank you to our staff for their hard work and to our fellow teachers and administrators for the nomination!   
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The Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency (LAUTR ) is one of 20 programs highlighted in the National Center for Teacher Residencies' white paper, Clinically Oriented Teacher Preparation, which examines programs around the nation that are innovating on the teacher residency model to implement clinically rich approaches to teacher preparation. 
October 2015
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"All of us must work harder to create schools that embrace students and families of all backgrounds, rather than places where some are asked to leave their cultures, languages, and experiences outside the schoolhouse door." 

Dan French & Warren Simmons, Colorblind Education is the 'Wrong Response'

"One of the most important ways that QPA really shaped my practice was that it helped me think about
student growth instead of
an end product."

QPA Summer Institute 2015 Participant