BSB 108 -- J. Morris Hicks -- (8-10-17) 

Wallace Smith Broecker on "Global Warming"
by J. Morris Hicks

In a BSB dated 7-13-17, I reported on the most alarming article on climate change ever published by a mainstream media organization. It featured Davis Wallace-Wells' wake-up call article in  New York Magazine , not to be confused with the magazine in the Sunday edition of the  NY Times .

Since then, the author has been conducting interviews with experts in the field--including the Newbury Professor of Geology at Columbia University, where he has served on the faculty since 1959.

Wallace Broecker, PhD

A few of his comments during his interview with David Wallace-Wells: 

On renewables and the energy mix.  "In 1950s, when I was in graduate school, we got 15 percent of our energy from renewables and nuclear, and 85 percent from fossil fuels. Today it's the same. Both of them have been increasing at 3 percent a year. Renewables and nuclear are not changing in their percentage share...and both continue to increase at 3% a year."  In other words, there has been zero real progress toward changing the mix--since the in the past sixty years.

On the role of energy companies.  "The energy companies - their whole value is what's in the ground, and if it's not going to be burned their stock isn't worth very much. So they're going to do everything they can to burn what they got - $5 trillion dollars or so worth of stuff."

On devices to remove CO2 already in the atmosphere.
"100 million needed devices at $30,000 would be several trillion dollars, just to build them. To operate them would be a 10 percent increase. If we're going to take out all that we put in, that's an enormous amount of money." 
He doesn't seem very confident that this possible solution will work, especially since we haven't even started.

Birds get it; humans don't.  "It's hard to make it real. We're seeing it already - birds are arriving at a different time. They seem to know what's going on, whereas we don't. With our big brains we can't figure it out; they've figured it out."

What about our food choices? You may be wondering why none of the mainstream scientists or writers ever mention our "food choices" when talking about how we're going to have a chance of reversing climate change. 

It's because virtually ALL scientists, including most of the "big picture" scientists in my blog, are ignorant of the fact that our consumption of animal-based foods is the single largest driver of climate change. I call it the "Protein Myth" in my lectures--using this slide:

It's truly sad that the best and brightest scientists in the world are completely unaware of the landmark work of Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang at the World Bank:

Eventually, the mainstream leaders are going to have to recognize the crucial importance of our food choices when it comes to the human species having a ghost of chance of surviving into the next century. At the same time, we must urgently address the three HUGE problems in Point #1 in this slide from my presentation:

I still think we have a chance to survive indefinitely; it all depends on our ability to quickly learn to live in harmony with Nature. As  Dr. James Lovelock succinctly states:

"If the Earth improves as a result of our existence, then we will flourish. If not, then we will die off."

Keep it Simple. Get it Done. The Clock is Ticking.

Have Message, Will Travel. Please contact me (by return email) if you'd like to discuss scheduling a presentation at a venue near you. I have given this talk at mainstream universities and while it's alarming to some extent, the message seems to resonate with conscientious people of all ages. Recent BSB describing my talks

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Be well,  J. Morris (Jim) Hicks (My Speaking Bio)

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

Moonglow J. Morris Hicks

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