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  More speakers announced for Focal Point 2016 

With 10  outstanding presenters already confirmed, Focal Point 2016 is shaping up as a
must-be-there event. 

Attend this one-day conference to hear highly accomplished industry professionals:
  • Highlight the recovery of fiber from coated board and describe 
    food-contact-compliant recycled fiber
  • Present brand-owner perspectives on paper-based food packaging
    and serviceware items
  • Provide insights from leading converting companies about future needs
    and trends in paper and paperboard packaging
  • Describe a number of innovations targeting superior performance
  • Share insights on regulatory aspects of food contact papers
  • Update on standards and labeling for compostable paper products
Here are short introductions to six of our speakers -- read more about each on our conference website  or by clicking on the name or photo. We previously introduced speakers Lynn Dyer of Foodservice Packaging Institute and Kelly Helein of Daikin-America. And we'll have introductions to confirmed speakers Shelly Thobe of Wendy's and Neil Darin of HAVI Global Solutions in an upcoming newsletter. 

You won't want to miss this conference, set for October 18 at UW-Stevens Point. Register online now for the early bird rate of $250.

Frank Adamsky
Frank Adamsky is the regulatory affairs manager for Daikin-America Inc. Frank has served in a wide variety of previous roles including business development/product regulatory manager, surface modification technologies, where he delivered regulatory approval of Daikin's fluorochemical products for use in numerous retail applications in multiple segments including quick service restaurant, fast casual dining, apparel, sporting goods, and pet care. Frank brings a wealth of experience in global product approvals for all new products for food contact applications, including FDA, Health Canada, German BfR, Japan METI, China MOH, Australia/New Zealand, and MERCOSUR region. 

Greg Archambault
Greg Archambault is president of Fox River Fiber/Breakey Fibre and is responsible for sales and operations at both mills. Fox River Fiber, in
De Pere, Wisconsin, has developed recycled post-consumer pulp of a quality that many mills use it to make 100 percent post-consumer products ranging from fine paper to tissue and toweling. Fox River Fiber has doubled the initial capacity of the mill and has the only FDA recycled pulp that meets all conditions of use with a patented process for fluorescence control. The mill developed methods of recycling polycoated cartons, Tetra Pak, gable top and paper coffee cups such as the Starbucks cups. Fox River has also developed techniques to recycle silicone release liner that allows previously unrecovered liner to become paper again. 

Jay Downey
Jay Downey is vice president of technology/ business development for Roastar Digital Pouches, focusing on growth in digital print format as well as innovation for the flexible packaging market. Jay has more than 25 years of experience in the printing industry and has filled several roles, from operating manufacturing equipment to managing a technical department/quality control department and managing operations and new business development. His experience includes digital printing, wide web flexo printing, operations management, new business development, cold seal application in natural rubber and synthetic, inline processing of water-base and solvent-base adhesive applications with cold seal, water-base ink technology, solvent-less adhesive/water-base ink laminations, reseal cold seal applications, packaging structural design, barrier coating technology and quality assurance test procedures for cold seal drying and retained moisture. 

Nick Jermstad
Nick Jermstad is the manager, toxicology and environmental assessments for Intertek. Nick is an experienced toxicology and regulatory specialist in both large consumer goods and raw material supplier settings. His areas of expertise include risk assessment, food packaging regulation, global personal care regulations, and toxicological testing, specifically in vitro testing. Jermstad has experience completing regulatory submissions for a variety of applications including cosmetic ingredients, food contact substances, biocides, treated articles, medical devices, and global chemical inventories with regulatory bodies across the globe including the US FDA, US EPA, ECHA, and Chinese FDA and EPA. Before joining Intertek, Jermstad worked as a senior toxicology and regulatory specialist at Bostik Inc., which is a global leader in adhesives providing customers with support on regulatory and safety issues on a global basis. Prior to that, he worked for seven years for Lonza (formerly Arch Chemicals), which is the world's largest supplier of biocides.  

Bob Spencer
Bob Spencer serves as the part-time executive director of Windham Solid Waste Management District in Brattleboro, Vermont, which operates a 6,000-ton per year materials recycling facility and a composting facility on the district's property to serve the Town of Brattleboro's residential curbside organics collection program. WSWMD also operates a landfill gas collection system, which generates electricity. The district also is evaluating construction of an anaerobic digester to process food waste and generate electricity. Bob has been managing a project that will develop a five megawatt solar project on the district's 25-acre closed landfill in Brattleboro. Bob has a wide range of solid-waste composting experience serving as the plant manager for the 150-ton per day co-composting facility in Marlboro, Massachusetts, from 1999 to 2006. 
Rhodes Yepsen
Rhodes Yepsen is executive director of the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). The BPI is a nonprofit with the mission of promoting the production, use and appropriate end of lives for materials and products that are designed to fully biodegrade in specific biologically active environments, such as industrial composting. BPI is the largest certification organization for compostable products in North America. Prior to joining BPI, Yepsen was marketing manager for Novamont North America, where he served on the board of directors at BPI and the US Composting Council (USCC). He was formerly associate editor at BioCycle magazine.


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