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Fit Symposium and Booth
Interbike is fast approaching its final year in Las Vegas, and Fit Kit Systems will be there in two arenas.
John is on the presenters panel at the Fit Symposium on Tue Sept 19th, speaking about the importance of bike sizing as a sales aid in the retail store, and then you can find us at Booth #5290

MOC Bike Fit Symposium

Build Your Skills
Last month I attended the 3 day Medicine of Cycling Bike Fit Symposium held at the USA Cycling headquarters in Colorado. As a full time bike fitter I think it vital that I continue to build my skills so as to continue to attract and retain customers. 

Plus it's always great to meet more passionate bike fitters, and Fit Kit clients as well!

Presenter Andy Pruitt made a simple but solid statement with regard to building your skills as a fitter. "Start with the fundamentals and basics. Get comfortable with that. Add one fitting technology, and get competent with that before adding another technology". 

Too often fitters either stop building their skills, and assume they know it all, or invest in more technology than they know what to do with.

Keep building your skills step by step. It's a journey.
Get your FIT STICK now!
Measure seat height, handlebar drop, and more!
This is an all in one tool for taking multiple bike set up measurements quickly and accurately. If you are offering a professional fit, use professional tools.  It will show your customers you care about them and their bike. 

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Elevating the Cyclist's
Riding Experience.

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