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I am writing to remind you that you can qualify for great prizes to be given away at Annual Conference if you  

help us work toward making Holston Healthy.

  • To participate in our FREE wellness program and meet with a health coach at Annual Conference, you must schedule your appointment by May 27th. Schedule your appointment on-line or call Ken Luton at (865)293-4136.
  • For the screening, you must bring your Blue Cross Blue Shield Card with you along with a photo ID to the second floor lobby of the Terrace Hotel at your appointed time. 
  • You must fast for at least 8 hours to participate in the biometric/blood screening.
  • All information is gathered and maintained by an independent third party. All information is strictly confidential.

You may want to have your physician complete the biometric screening form in advance of your appointment. Bring the completed form to your appointment.  


Make plans to participate in our health walks, BOPPING Along, at Annual Conference. These will be held throughout Annual Conference (check the schedule to see meeting times and locations).


See all of the details of our wellness program to make Holston Healthy at our website 


Healthy Holston - A health and wellness plan for our active health insurance participants

Dr. S. Hughes Melton, Chair
Healthy Holston Task Force
PO Box 850
Alcoa, Tennessee 37701
Holston Conference
865 690-4080