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concept testing  and business continuity solutions to the financial industry since 2005.
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June 2016


Your institution's ability to demonstrate that you will be able to recover your business in the event of a catastrophe is critical. The FFIEC Business Continuity Guidance mandates that financial institutions develop and test business resumption and contingency plans annually. Not only that, but every day you are unable to serve your customers is a loss of revenue - and reputation. 

More than 43% of businesses never recover from devastation caused by a hurricane, flood, tornado or other destructive catastrophe. When faced with similar circumstances, clients of Recovery Solutions have been open for business within 12 to 72 hours in one of our mobile banking facilities. Our unique knowledge of the banking industry and full-service disaster recovery solutions delivers peace of mind for you and your customers.

Recovery Solutions is the industry leader when it comes to disaster recovery planning and business resumption for financial institutions. We provide:

  • Mobile Banking Facilities
  • Satellite Communications (Internet, Service Bureau, VoIP)
  • Comprehensive Testing to meet FFIEC Compliance
  • Complete Technology Package

The experts at Recovery Solutions have a combined 130 years of experience in the banking industry, giving us the working knowledge and expertise necessary to set your financial institution up for success if disaster strikes. 

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Mobile Banking Facilities
Mobile Banking Facility Recovery Solutions
Where would your customers go if your building was destroyed? The average time it takes for a financial institution to completely recover from a disaster is approximately one year. Many times it’s even longer. How would you serve your customers while you rebuild? If your nearest branch office is several miles away – or if you have a reciprocal agreement with a competing institution, you may want to consider the long-term impact this could have. Losing your building doesn’t have to mean losing your customers.

Recovery Solutions has nearly 60  Mobile Banking Facilities available and positioned across the nation, ready for deployment at a moment’s notice. Complete with all the technology and communications necessary to be self contained, they allow your institution to resume regular business within days, not months. That means serving your customers in a convenient, functional, and professional environment.

Our state-of-the art modular banks include:
  • Mobile Bank (drive up window, teller lines, reception, offices, etc.)
  • Safe with Night Deposit Box
  • Full amenities including bathroom and kitchen 
Mobile Banking Facilities are also an affordable option for leasing during remodeling or building a new bank or branch office. Learn more about our Mobile Banking Facilities on our website or call today for a virtual tour.
Satellite Communications

Hurricanes and tornadoes often leave communities without Internet, email, or phone communication for days, weeks, or months. But when you enroll as a Recovery Solutions client, you'll have access to our comprehensive technology package that includes satellite communications as a short-term solution until your infrastructure is back in place. 

As part of our Mobile Banking Facility, Recovery Solutions provides encrypted high-speed Internet access through a sophisticated satellite network allowing you access to the outside world when main communications lines are down. That means you will be able to serve your clients faster, helping your community rebuild. 

Our technology package features:

  • High-Speed Bandwidth (Up To 5MB Download and 2.5MB Upload Bandwidth Speeds)
  • Internet, Email, VoIP phone systems with handsets
  • Service Bureau secure VPN connection, SSL or MPLS connections

Get back to business faster with Recovery Solutions. Get all the details on our satellite network by visiting us online.

Comprehensive Testing
Did you know that the FFIEC Business Continuity Handbook refers to the word "testing" 656 times? And with good reason. Testing is the difference between simply having a disaster recovery plan and knowing that your plan will succeed in the face of disaster.

Recovery Solutions facilitates comprehensive annual testing with extensive documentation to ensure that you meet FFIEC compliance. So you will have confidence that you'll be ready should disaster strike. 

We offer on-site and remote testing options that meet FFIEC requirements which will provide comfort knowing you are well prepared for an emergency. Enrolled Recovery Solutions clients have access to our "LiveSite" disaster recovery testing facility to simulate h ow your institution will recover critical business functions and operate inside a Mobile Financial Facility in the event of an actual disaster.

Testing and documentation can mean the difference between success and failure in resuming business and serving your customers when faced with a disaster. Learn more about our  Disaster Recovery Testing services or contact us for more information.
Technology Support
Technology for the financial industry is highly specialized. Our team of industry experts is in-tune with the terminology and technological requirements of banking institutions.

Our team works hand-in-hand with your staff. We'll guide you through planning, testing, implementation, and installation of technology so you have a solid disaster recovery plan - and can effectively execute it if necessary. Our professionals are there every step of the way providing on-site or remote assistance. 

Recovery Solutions offers a comprehensive technology package that will be customized to mirror your institution's exact technology infrastructure, ensuring that you are able to seamlessly serve customers in the face of a catastrophe. Our services include everything your branch will need to get up and running, including file servers, PC workstations, and Local Area Network (LAN) components. We also have an extensive inventory of image capture scanner, validation and receipt printers so your staff will have exactly the same devices to work with as they did before the event.

For details on our complete technology support services, visit our website. Or, call to schedule a free webinar on our entire service offering.

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Since 2005, Recovery Solutions has been helping financial institutions plan for and recover from disasters ranging from fires to hurricanes to flooding. See how we helped State Bank of Geneva after their location was damaged in a fire.
Geneva State Bank, IL (fire damage)
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