House Republicans dropped a 48 page elections bill with two hours notice before a hearing on Friday. Senate Republicans held a subcommittee meeting on elections bills at 7 a.m. last week without public access by livestream. What is going on? Learn more tomorrow night.
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Make your views known: Write the members of the House Special Committee on Election Integrity The new committee is chaired by Republican Rep. Barry Fleming, one of two lawyers and ten Republicans on the fourteen member committee.

HB 531 is a 48 page omnibus elections bill with many changes to election law, including changes that

  • Prevent county election superintendents and boards from receiving any funding other than that of the county, state, or federal government.
  • Require anyone requesting an absentee ballot to submit a photocopy of their Georgia drivers' license number or Georgia ID card.
  • Reduce the time for requesting an absentee ballot by over 100 days (from 180 days before election to 78 days).
  • Prohibit counties from sending absentee ballots except in response fo a specific request (no mass mailing).
  • Limit drop box locations to the inside of advance voting locations and make the boxes available only during advance voting location hours.
  • Prohibit use of mobile voting except in emergencies.
  • Limit the hours for advance voting to 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Limit advance voting days to weekdays and specified Saturdays; no Sunday voting.
  • Prohibit food/water distribution to voters waiting in line.
  • Allow counties to determine number of machines available and to split precincts.

HB 270 passed out of the Special Committee on Election Integrity and will likely get a floor vote. It changes the last day for requesting an absentee ballot from the Friday before Election Day to the Friday before that.

Similar bills are pending in the Senate. The one that has already passed out of subcommittee is SB 71, which would ban no-excuse absentee voting altogether. SB 68, SB 69, SB 70, SB 72, SB 73, SB 74 Write to the members of the Senate Ethics Committee.

Connect with organizations that are fighting bills that would restrict access to voting: Fair FightCommon Cause Georgia ; ACLU Georgia; All Voting is Local; Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda
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