2021 Meeting Update
Due to the current situation in Brazil regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic and its uncertainty, the Poultry Science Association has decided to postpone the in-person Latin American Scientific Conference to 2022. Official dates will be announced later.
Arrangements are currently being made to accommodate presenting Latin American symposia for this fall. More information will be announced later.
Abstracts Will Still Be Accepted
In order to provide the Latin American poultry science community with an opportunity to present their research, the Poultry Science Association will continue to accept abstracts, that would have been presented this fall, for presentation as a special featured addition to this summer's Virtual 2021 PSA Annual Meeting on July 19-22, 2021.

Latin American abstracts presented at the PSA Annual Meeting will be featured in a way so that they stand out from the rest of the abstracts presented at this meeting.
Please note the following when submitting a Latin American abstract for presentation at the Virtual 2021 PSA Annual Meeting this July:

  • The deadline to submit an abstract is still Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.

  • All abstract presentations will now be pre-recorded video presentations.

  • All abstract presenters will be required to submit their video presentation, a photo, and a short biography by June 30, 2021. More information will be announced on this after abstract acceptance.

  • Latin American Student Competition presentations must be in English. All other Latin American abstract presentations may be presented in the author's language of choice, but translation services will not be provided. This requirement is no different than if the abstract were being presented in-person.
The Poultry Science Association is pleased to provide Latin American presenters with this opportunity to extend the reach of their research to an even larger audience.

Further details will be forthcoming.
If you have any further questions or need assistance with submission of abstracts, please contact us directly at +1-217-356-5285 (08:00-17:00 CDT/GMT-5) or email info@poultryscience.org.