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Good News! Positive Reviews!
Voice of the DPM
Alec Hochstein, DPM
Great Neck, NY

I attend several seminars throughout the year - both to lecture and to learn.

There are many conferences that have outstanding speakers and lectures on the agenda, so I definitely also consider where the meeting is being held. When choosing a conference, I am initially drawn to those in destinations that are interesting to visit. I love NOLA !.

Plus, as I’m preparing to head off, I always make sure to scope out amazing restaurants in the area. Often, we don't have time to sight-see during a conference, so eating a great meal or two is a good way to feel like you still get to experience the area. Being a busy practicing physician, I don’t get to travel much other than for work so I try to make the most of it!

Some of my favorites to attend are the Podiatry Institute meetings. My top-choice location of those seminars is Newport, Rhode Island . Dan Vickers does a great job putting these meetings together and the content is always relevant and useful in my practice.

Of course as a New Yorker, I always attend the NYSPMA in January and enjoy seeing old friends and colleagues.

I am on the board of the American Society of Podiatric Surgeons (ASPS) so I have to give a shout-out to their annual meeting which takes place soon. August in Chicago is a great time of year to visit the Windy City!

When I'm at a meeting and we have lecture breaks, I enjoy making the rounds in the exhibit hall to visit with vendors I have relationships with, as well as to learn about new products I could see being a good fit for my practice. It's surprising how often I see something new that has promise, after I thought I had already "seen it all."

We all know that attending conferences means taking time out of our practices, which can cost us. Because of this, I try to be very strategic with my choices. I don’t usually attend the same ones every year because I have found that each meeting is different and has something unique to offer.

Dr. Hochstein is a 1997 graduate of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, and is currently in private practice as owner/operator of Great Neck Family Foot Care in Great Neck, NY on Long Island’s North Shore where he lives with his wife and two children .
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90-Day Meeting Outlook
APMA | The National | Salt Lake City, UT

Podiatry Institute | Foot & Ankle Surgery: Building Blocks for Success | Portland, ME

AMIFAS | "X-Tra" 1-Day Cadaver Course | New Orleans, LA

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
ASPS | Annual Surgical Conference | Chicago, IL

IFAF | Ankle Arthroscopy Course | Mendota Heights, MN

PRESENT | Residency Education Summit East | Teaneck, NJ

Kent State | 2nd Annual North Coast Foot & Ankle Symposium
Independence, OH

Podiatry Institute | Pacific Coast | Portland, OR

MPMA (Missouri) | Annual Scientific Meeting | St. Louis, MO

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
Goldfarb | 14th Annual Montana Meeting | Missoula, MT

The Running Clinic | New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries | Delaware, OH

Wild on Wounds | National Conference | Las Vegas, NV

AOFAS | Annual Meeting | Chicago, IL

TPMA (Texas) | Fall Conference | Frisco, TX

IPED | Fall Meeting | Pittsburgh, PA

Podiatry Institute | Focus on Forefoot & Reconstructive Surgery
Overland Park, KS

Top Practices | Marketing & Management Summit
San Antonio, TX

Podiatry Institute | Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot & Ankle
San Diego, CA

IFAF | Annual Seminar | Las Vegas, NV

AAWP | Scientific Seminar | Scottsdale, AZ

AAPSM | Stand Alone Meeting | Cambride, MA

PRESENT | Residency Education Summit Midwest | Oakbrook, IL

CME Online | Long Island Practice Summit | Stony Brook, NY

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
Voice of the Vendor
PodiatryMeetings.com offers industry suppliers a unique opportunity to showcase their products and/or services to their audience! Additionally, at the bottom of each product/service description, please take note of when and where you can learn more about our featured vendors.

June 2019's Featured Vendor: The Richie Brace®
The Richie Brace® and Podiatry Meetings

The Richie Brace® is a unique custom ankle-foot orthosis which is widely recognized and utilized in the podiatric profession. The original Standard Richie Brace® was designed by Dr. Douglas Richie in 1996, and since then he has introduced seven other models as well as a new line of carbon fiber AFO braces known as the AeroSpring Systems .

The custom Richie Brace® products are provided to podiatric practitioners via a network of authorized lab distributors.  These distributors are unique as they are independent foot orthotic labs who also share in the distribution of the Richie Brace® branded products.

A new and exciting innovation being offered by many of the Richie Brace® lab distributors is the option for digital scanning of the patient using an iPad Structure Scanner . This eliminates the need for plaster or fiberglass casting materials and allows the practitioner to send the scan electronically to the lab and avoid delays in shipping.

Authorized Richie Brace® distributors frequently exhibit at regional and national podiatric conferences.

There, podiatric physicians can visit the booth of the distributor to learn about their unique line of products and services as well as the entire Richie Brace® product offering. 

This is also a great opportunity for a practitioner to learn first-hand how to use an iPad to take a scan of the foot and ankle and order a Richie Brace® .

Dr. Richie will be a featured speaker at two large regional podiatric conferences in June. 

The Western Foot and Ankle Conference is scheduled for June 20 - June 23 at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

KLM Orthotic Labs will be exhibiting and demonstrating their scanning technology for foot orthoses and the Richie Brace® .

Dr. Richie will also be presenting four lectures at the Texas Podiatric Medical Association Conference in Cedar Creek, Texas from June 27 - June 30.

 Allied OSI Labs will have a booth and are excited to demonstrate their new iPad scanner for foot orthoses and the Richie Brace® line of products.
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Meeting Showcase
The 2019 Long Island Practice Summit will engage participating DPMs with a three-track program showcasing the latest research in biomechanics and quality of care . Additionally, a special practice management, digital marketing track will be featured.

The single-day summit will be held on September 22, 2019 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Wang Center at Stony Brook University in Long Island, NY and is presented by CMEonline.com .
Michael Brody DPM, CEO of CMEonline.com, is excited to announce that the summit will open with a PICA Risk Management Lecture . The lecture is available to attendees of all three meeting tracks and provides participants a 10% discount on their PICA policy .

The meeting faculty consists of true industry leadership. Participants will gain insight from the following experts in their field (listed alphabetically):
  • Michael Brody DPM
  • Matthew Feldman JD
  • David Freedman DPM
  • Lawrence Huppin DPM
  • Allen Jacobs DPM
  • Michael Warshaw DPM
  • Josh White DPM

Physicians can expect to take the following learning objectives away from the meeting and apply them to their practices immediately:
  • Improve clinical knowledge to better enable the provision of quality care to patients
  • Understand the value of implementation of a Falls Prevention Program                 
  • Understand the value of the Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Examination in preventing ulcers

  • Improve clinical knowledge to better enable the provision of quality care to patients
  • Understand the value of looking beyond the chief complaint when evaluating patients
  • Understand the value of documentation techniques that enable better longitudinal and collaborative care

Physicians and/or practice marketing directors/managers will also gain knowledge that can be easily integrated into current practice marketing plans. Topics include:
  • Using your online presence to communicate with patients and drive business to your practice
  • Utilizing ratings and review sites to enhance your practice
  • Leveraging your contact list

Registration is NOW OPEN. Pricing for the 8.5 CEU Summit is as follows:
  • $155 before 8.1.19
  • $175 from 8.1.19 - 9.15.19
  • $195 onsite registration

For any attendee or exhibitor who will be needing travel accommodations, the Hilton Garden Inn is just across the street from the Wang Center. If you are flying into town, closest airport to the Wang Center is the easiest airport is Long Island MacArthur Airport. Additional, nearby airports include LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport in New York.

CLICK to learn more about and/or to register for the Long Island Practice Summit.
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