In the past few weeks, the SIUMC family successfully raised over $15,000 allowing us to "Meet the Need" in our local community. Thank you to everyone who donated and assisted with making this goal possible. Funds raised helped our neighboring Hispanic community, the Old Savannah City Mission, and Wesley Community Centers.
Our youth packaged 150 "Back to School Craft Packs" for our neighboring community. On a Sunday afternoon, our team of volunteers delivered all of the Craft Packs. The children were very pleased to receive them! We were so glad to share the love of Christ and a few school supplies too!
For Old Savannah City Mission, several members of our mission team went on a "shopping spree" and bought a huge amount of food (including 150 pounds of ground beef), paper products, cleaning supplies, and clothes washing detergents. Old Savannah City Mission was thrilled to receive our contributions which filled two long tables in their chapel room.
We were also shown one of their dorm rooms where the new mattresses will be used. To say their 20-year old mattresses "have seen their best days" would be a gross understatement (old mattresses pictured below). We were able to purchase 26 new mattresses as a result of your donations! This FAR exceeded our original goal of 10 mattresses. As additional funds are received, additional mattresses will be purchased.
The Wesley Community Center received five grocery carts full of school supplies and cleaning supplies as well as non-perishable food items to restock their food pantry. They were so thankful and wanted you all to know how much they appreciate your support.
Thank you to our Missions committee for organizing the Meet the Need campaign to help make a difference in our community and to remind us to be good neighbors. And thank you to everyone who donated and volunteered.
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