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February 4, 2021
"It will be tragic if the Super Bowl becomes a super-spreader of coronavirus. Don’t organize a party at home. Don’t go to a Super Bowl party.”
Barbara Ferrer, Director of Public Health for Los Angeles County
Vaccine News
U.S. Hits Pandemic Milestone With More Vaccinated Than Cases

More Americans have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine than have tested positive for the virus, an early but hopeful milestone in the race to end the pandemic. Bloomberg Read more
AstraZeneca Vaccine Shows Strong Effect Against Coronavirus With Just One Dose

Researchers at Oxford University released new results from their vaccine, which is being manufactured by British-Swedish firm AstraZeneca, showing it gives 76 percent protection for three months after just one dose. Testing also reveals that those vaccinated are much less likely to transmit the disease, which will help stem the continuing spread of the virus. Washington Post Read more
White House Will Send Vaccines Directly to Retail Pharmacies

The Biden administration has announced that it will begin shipping about 1 million COVID-19 vaccine doses a week directly to thousands of pharmacies in an attempt to address equity concerns and speed up the country's crucial inoculation effort. 

The program will begin on February 11 on a limited basis, with vaccines sent to about 6,500 stores nationwide. NPR Read more
Despite Months to Prep, Why California Lags on COVID Vaccination

No one ever said that distributing a vaccine to tens of millions of Californians spread out across 58 counties in the middle of a pandemic would be easy. But Gov. Gavin Newsom came pretty close last October. More than three months later, the state is still scrambling to deliver. CalMatters
Comparing the COVID-19 Vaccines Developed by Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson

In an ideal world, a pandemic vaccine could be delivered in a single shot, so supplies could be stretched to cover a lot of people. It would trigger no side effect more significant than a sore arm. And it would be easy to ship and store. Soon, it seems, this ideal of a COVID-19 vaccine will be within reach. STAT Read more
Even in Poorer Neighborhoods, the Wealthy Are Lining Up For Vaccines

Although low-income communities of color have been hit hardest by Covid-19, health officials in many cities say that people from wealthier, largely white neighborhoods have been flooding vaccination appointment systems and taking an outsized share of the limited supply. NY Times Read more
By the Numbers
Confirmed Cases

Bay Area: 378,675
California: 3,358,081
U.S.: 26,517,212

Alameda County

Vaccines Administered:150,819
Cases: 74,661
Deaths: 991
Test Positivity: 7.5%
Hospitalized Patients: 351
ICU Beds Available: 62

Cases are very high but have decreased over the past two weeks (-44%). The number of hospitalized COVID patients has also fallen in the Alameda County area. Deaths have increased. The test positivity rate in Alameda County is high, suggesting that cases may be undercounted.
Reported Deaths

Bay Area: 4,303
California: 41,931
U.S.: 449,485

Contra Costa County

Vaccines Administered:138,504
Cases: 58,021
Deaths: 532
Test Positivity: 8.8%
Hospitalized Patients: 202
ICU Beds Available: 39

Cases are very high but have decreased over the past two weeks (-50%) The numbers of hospitalized COVID patients and deaths in the Contra Costa County area have also fallen.The test positivity rate in Contra Costa County is high, suggesting that cases may be undercounted.
Sources: Johns Hopkins University, SF Chronicle, and dashboards for California and Alameda and Contra Costa counties.
Local News
Mega Vaccination Site Coming to Oakland Coliseum

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Biden-Harris Administration on Wednesday announced a pilot project to establish mass vaccination sites in Oakland and Los Angeles. These pilot sites, which will be based at the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum and California State University, Los Angeles, are part of the wider effort to establish 100 vaccination sites nationwide in the federal administration’s first 100 days.

Preparations and buildout of these two locations are now underway and the sites are expected to be open to eligible members of the public beginning February 16. KTVU
CVS Plans Coronavirus Vaccines For Pharmacies Near Castro Valley and San Leandro

On or after February 9, patients must register in advance at or through the CVS Pharmacy app, and people without online access can call CVS customer service: 800-746-7287. Castro Valley and San Leandro Patch Read more
COVID Vaccine Equity Event

Join in this Alameda County Town Hall tonight, February 4, from 6-8 p.m. Register

Miss your Friends? Here's What Type of Socializing is Now Allowed in the Bay Area

Most Bay Area counties are following California's purple tier rules, which state that you're allowed to gather outdoors only with up to 12 people from no more than three households (including your own).
ABC7 News Read more
Hayward Extends Eviction Moratorium

Last March, the Hayward City Council placed a 90-day emergency moratorium on evictions of residential tenants unable to pay rent caused by the pandemic.
Then in June, the council extended the moratorium to include both residential and commercial evictions. It was set to expire January 31, but has been extend through June. East Bay Times Read more
State and National News
At-Home COVID-19 Test to Ramp up Production With $231.8 Million Federal Contract

The Biden administration announced on Monday that the US Department of Defense and US Department of Health and Human Services are working with Australian company Ellume to provide more of its fully at-home COVID-19 tests to the United States. CNN Read more
Long-Haul COVID Cases Cast New Light on Chronic Fatigue Sufferers

Four weeks after San Diego pediatric nurse Jennifer Minhas fell ill with COVID-19 last March, her cough and fever had resolved, but new symptoms had emerged: chest pain, an elevated heart rate and crushing fatigue. Her primary care physician told her she was just anxious, and that none of her other COVID patients had those issues. “That wasn’t what I needed to hear,” Minhas said. Kaiser Health News Read more
How to Talk to Your Roommates About COVID-19 When They Are Still Hosting Parties

Living with roommates isn't always ideal. Especially since you're usually choosing your roommates out of necessity and not desire.

But even if you didn't get along with roommates, at least before COVID-19 you'd have a place to go to get away from them, like work or a coffee shop. During the pandemic, those escape routes don't exist anymore. You're stuck with people you would have never expected - or even wanted - to get stuck with. KQED
Why Parents Should Brace Themselves for Another Uncertain Summer and Fall

Should we budget for extra child care again next year if there is no in-person school? Or should we find ways to cut back at work? Should we sign up for summer camps?

Then, the hardest part, what do we say to our children when they look us in the eye and ask when-oh-when can they have birthday parties and soccer games and sleepovers and the incalculable other rites of passage they are being denied? How much longer do we have to say no? CNN Read more

Fast Facts
Add Your Phone to California's Exposure Notification System

Once you activate CA Notify, it does all the work. All you do is keep your Bluetooth on. You will only receive alerts if you were in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. Your privacy is protected as your identity is not known and your location is not tracked. Read more
  • COVID-19 testing is a good idea, but keep in mind, people who test negative can still harbor the virus if they are early in their infection.
  • viral test tells you if you have a current infection.
  • An antibody test might tell you if you had a past infection.

East Bay Focus
(as of 2/3/21)
(as of 2/3/21)
Over the last seven days, Alameda County officials have reported 3,363 new coronavirus cases, which amounts to 205 cases per 100,000 residents.
Over the last seven days, Contra Costa County officials have reported 2,219 new coronavirus cases, which amounts to 196 cases per 100,000 residents.
Top 10 Locations of Cases in
Alameda County, as of 2/3/21

Oakland: 23,216
Hayward: 11,772
Fremont: 6,576
Eden MAC: 5,155
San Leandro: 4,541
Livermore: 3,797
Union City: 3,459
Berkeley: 2,715
Newark: 2,435
Castro Valley: 2,183

Top 10 Locations of Cases in
Contra Costa County, as of 2/3/21

Richmond: 8,942
Antioch: 7,888
Concord: 6,947
Pittsburg: 5,754
San Pablo: 4,586
Brentwood: 3,061
Oakley: 2,562
Walnut Creek: 2,376
Bay Point: 2,415
San Ramon: 1,750
Mask On!
Protect Yourself While Protecting Others
Working in collaboration with the Alameda County Public Health Department, the cities of Hayward and San Leandro, and the Castro Valley and Eden Area Municipal Advisory Councils, the District has printed "Mask On" posters for each city in the Eden Health District area. These posters are free of charge and intended for businesses, health clinics, schools, churches, public agencies and nonprofit agencies to display in their entrances. The posters are available in English, Spanish and Chinese languages.
The public is welcome to download and print or share "Mask On" posters from our website.
About Eden Health District
The Eden Health District Board of Directors are chair Mariellen Faria, vice chair Pam Russo, secretary/treasurer Roxann Lewis, Gordon Galvan and Varsha Chauhan. The Chief Executive Officer is Mark Friedman.
The Eden Health District is committed to ensuring that policy makers and community members receive accurate and timely information to help make the best policy and personal choices to meet and overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
We welcome your feedback on our bulletin. Please contact editor Lisa Mahoney.
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