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Welcome to Meghan’s Media Minute!

Thank you for volunteering to be one of our volunteer spokespersons. This NEW monthly newsletter is designed with you in mind – to share updates, monthly media tips and recent successes. As some of you may already know, I’m the public relations specialist here at SCORE. As part of the external relations team, I work directly with the media to connect you, our volunteer experts, with members of the media on small business topics, trends and insights. 

Who’s on our external relations team at SCORE? 

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Betsy Dougert - Vice President of External Relations 

Lori Barnes - Director of External Relations 

Meghan Dooley - Public Relations Specialist 

Kristyn Shay - Social Media Community Manager


Reach me directly at (202) 968-6428 or meghan.dooley@score.org or email our team at media@score.org


Media Tip of the Month

Don’t forget, you’re the expert on the topic at hand! Lean into any given reporter interview with the powerful insight and industry expertise you’ve gained throughout the years. 

Upcoming Media Training Webinar


We are launching a series of media training webinars for SCORE volunteers, starting on Wednesday, Feb. 9 at 2pm ET.

In this first webinar, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Build a press list
  • Develop and maintain media relationships
  • Access SCORE public relations resources 
  • Customize SCORE press release templates
  • Develop key talking points

Support Center Updates

SCORE’s media team is updating our public relations resources in the Support Center. Please let us know if there’s something you would like us to add! Updates will be shared in this newsletter.

Media Opportunities


I’ll contact you directly if I have a media inquiry where I think you would be a good fit and will always check with you first before connecting you with a reporter! Check out some of SCORE’s recent media placements.

Thank you again and don’t hesitate to email me to share ideas or ask questions!


Meghan Dooley


Public Relations Specialist



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