Meher Center 1956, Shaw Family Collection

Dear Meher Center Family and Friends,

A loving Jai Baba to you from your Meher Center family.  We want to share some of what happened in the past month at the Center, as well as some upcoming events that are planned for the December holidays.

We hope to see you at the Center during the coming year, and wish you a happy new year in the spirit of the One behind the many.

In Meher Baba,

Buz Connor
For Meher Center board and staff
December Newsletter 2018
"The spiritual journey does not consist in arriving
at a new destination where a person gains what he did
not have or becomes what he was not.  
It consists in the dissipation of his ignorance concerning
himself and life, and the gradual growth of that understanding
which begins with spiritual awakening.  The finding of God
is a coming to one’s own Self."  

Meher Baba, The Discourses (7th Edition), p. 127.

Operational Projects Completed or Underway
  • Removal of dead trees to prevent damage to security fencing and other structures.
  • Clearing of debris to open the entire Lake path, from the north end at MeherAbode to the south end where the trail meets the road to the beach.
  • Rubber roofing installed on the flat roof section of the Original Kitchen building, and repairs on the Lake Cabin porch.
  • Road work after heavy recent rains, grading for drainage and filling of pot holes.
  • Painting of the ceilings throughout Laurel Oak Lodge 1. 
  • On-going storm cleanup of grounds, trails, and especially firebreak areas.  
  • Continue working with consultant and contractors for fire mitigation work to reduce the fuel load in specific areas of the Center forest.
  • Original Kitchen repair of damage from Hurricane Florence in process. Still much to be done.
  • Continuation of annual visits from the three rotating crews who work the nearby county fire station, to keep them familiar with Center property and to check our maintenance of their emergency access roads, access to Center fire hydrants, and clearance of electrical wires.
  • Contracting security fence and gating work for Lands End boundary and Sheriar gate entrance.
  • Installation of communication equipment at the Center beach entrance. 

~ Recent Programs ~


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this year at the Meher Center; sparkling sunshine, gorgeous surroundings, and the feel of Baba’s magical grace in the air. The Racepath community and dedicated volunteers provided the food, and 140 guests and community members joined in to share a beautiful meal and the radiant light of Meher Baba’s Love. The day concluded with loads of pie and a touching sharing from Tom Riley of his time with Meher Baba. We all headed home full of gratitude for all of His blessings.

~ Upcoming Programs ~

Happy Birthday Mehera

We will be celebrating the birthday of Mehera J. Irani,
Meher Baba’s closest disciple, of whom He said: 
"Mehera’s love for me is one hundred percent pure." (Lord Meher, p. 5312) Please join us on Saturday, December 22 nd at the Meeting Place at 8:15 for a video, music and readings.

Christmas Day

Meher Abode open 11am - 1pm

Christmas dinner & dessert will be served in the Refectory kitchen at 1pm

Tea in the Original Kitchen sitting area 3:30-4:30 pm

Christmas Gathering with Choir & Music at the Meeting Place 8:15 pm
Children’s Tours of Meher Abode and the Barn
Wendy Connor will be giving a tour to children 14 and under of Meher Abode
and the Barn at the following times:

 Meher Abode - Wednesday, December 26 th at 11 am
The Barn - Friday, December 28 th at  11 am
New Year’s Eve Program
Come and join in the festivities, as we gather at Baba’s home in the west to welcome in the new year.
Light Refreshments in both kitchens: 9 - 11 pm                 
In the Reading Room: 9:30 - 11:30 pm - A quiet gathering 

In the Meeting Place:
8:15 pm - Films of Meher Baba
10 pm - Square Dancing
11:45 pm - O Parvardigar Film
Midnight - Meher Baba Quotes
12:15 am - Informal Dancing
12:45 am - Prayers & Arti
1:00 am - Time to Depart

January 31, 2019 will be the 50 th anniversary of Amartithi, the day when Meher Baba dropped His body  to live in the hearts of His lovers everywhere.
Charles Haynes will be our guest speaker on Thursday evening, January 31st.  
Charles will be joined by his husband, Christopher Wilson, for an additional talk on Saturday, February 2 nd .

A story from the Heart

A First Experience of the Center
By Jamie Keehan

This month, a pilgrim from Rhode Island, Mimi, came to the Center for the first time. She’d been hearing about it for years from friends of hers, and often noted the impact visits had on those friends when they returned home—they were, as she puts it, “lit up”. Finally, after years of being asked, she decided to go with them.

Mimi knew from the beginning that Baba must be “very very special”. But she wasn’t anticipating the response she’d have even during her journey to the Center—changing planes at Charlotte, she started to feel waves of love, radiating off each other passenger. Suddenly, she felt connection and love toward everybody. Then, when she finally arrived at the Center, as she puts it, “I came down and the peace is … you just feel this beauty and peace everywhere.”

For over 31 years, Mimi has been meditating on the Saint Francis prayer—the one that starts, “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love.” The Center brought that prayer home to her in a new way; even before she arrived at the gates, the pull was palpable, a constant give and take between her and God and those around her. “That’s what Baba talks about— love,” she says, “and that’s what I feel here so amazingly, is this sense of love.”