November Newsletter 2018

"Divine love makes the individual true to himself and to others.
It makes him live honestly, comprehending that God is infinite honesty.
Divine love is the solution to all difficulties and problems.
It frees man from all bindings. It makes him speak truly, think truly, and act truly. It makes him feel one with the whole universe.
Divine love purifies the heart and glorifies one's being."

- Meher Baba -

Dear Family and Friends of Meher Center,

We send much love to you from Meher Center, plus a little news. Included are some of the happenings at Meher Center this past month, and some reminders of events coming up in November and December.
Operational Projects Completed or Underway
  • Repair and restoration work on the Near and Far Cabins.
  • Restoration work on Meher Abode compound drainage and pathways.
  • Annual “firewise” mowing and clearing of vegetation around all Center structures.
  • Three meetings held over the last two months of vital Gateway volunteer teams: tour guides, daily receptionists, and evening volunteers. All were led by Gateway staff, and designed to provide support, on-going training, and good communication with these essential teams.
  • Original Kitchen repair of damage from Hurricane Florence in process. Still much to be done.
  • On-going storm cleanup of grounds and trails, and continued removal of large trees to prevent damage to security fencing and other structures.
  • Beginning of annual visits from the three rotating crews who work the nearby county fire station. The purpose is to keep them familiar with Center property and to check our maintenance of their emergency access roads.
  • Planning with consultant and contractors for fire mitigation work to reduce the fuel load in specific areas of the Center forest.
Recent Programs

 Ward Parks
 Meher Baba’s Early Messages
Ward Parks, offered a beautifully presented 3-day seminar on October 12, 13, and 14.  Both retreat guests and nearby community members attended ninety-minute sessions each morning and afternoon in the Meeting Place.  
The subject was:  “An Early Dispensation: Meher Baba’s Message to Humanity During the First Flow ering of Meherabad in the 1920s
Many thanks to Ward for all of his hard work. We are looking forward to his next presentation at Meher Center sometime next year.
Meher Baba’s New Life Anniversary Gathering

On October 16, at 10:45 am, we gathered in the compound of Meher Abode for Arti, Baba’s prayers, readings and music.  Afterwards, the House was open for visitors.  It was a lovely rememberance of Meher Baba’s hope for humanity.

  Talk By Naosherwan Anzar

We welcomed Naosherwan Anzar and his wife Mahrukh to the Center in mid-October, and Naosherwan spoke to a rapt audience in the Meeting Place on October 19 about his many times with Meher Baba.  It was lovely to have them with us.
The Young Adult Sahavas

The 2018 Young Adult Sahavas at Meher Center was held during the weekend of November 2-4.  This special gathering was open to young adults from ages 23-43, and was focused on Meher Baba’s presence in their lives.  The theme for the weekend was Meher Baba’s statement  My Wish. Every cabin was filled with participants, and many young people who live nearby attended the gatherings as well (eight were Center staff members!).  Jamie Keehan, a member of the Center Cabin Crew, shares her responses to the Sahavas:

"I’ll admit to being a little nervous at the start of the Young Adult Sahavas. Having come to Baba as an adult, I never attended Youth Sahavas, so those inevitable pesky questions kept running across my mind: Will they like me? Will I be accepted?

I shouldn’t have worried. From the very first moments, I had an overpowering feeling that was more than acceptance. Even in the midst of awkward first hellos and maneuvering into our “Opening Circle”, it was starting: Baba was pouring in His love, within and between all of us. 

From Opening Circle, we moved forward into the weekend. We visited Baba’s house, we sang Arti together, and we talked and talked—about how Baba is at work in our relationships, our parenting, our jobs, our free time, in all the elements that make up our diverse lives at this stage. And in the midst of the activities, as we laughed and cried and sang together, His presence and His embrace just kept growing stronger.

Then suddenly the two short days were over, and we scattered back across the country—to California, Asheville, New York— to bring the love we’d been filled with back to our everyday lives. But we are still ringing with gratitude for the chance to come together at His home, and witness Him appear among us."  
November Arti in the Barn 

On November 4, as part of the Young Adult Sahavas program, there was a gathering in the Barn of not only the young adults, but all from the nearby community who wished to participate in the Arti, including Baba’s prayers, readings, and music.  It was a wonderful joining of hearts and voices of all ages, in praise and love for God.

Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Day

      Thanksgiving Dinner is around the corner!  We again are privileged and blessed to have this meal created and cooked and delivered to us by members of the Racepath community, long time friends and supporters of the Center, as the Center has always been for them.  The meal is served at the Refectory and begins at 1 pm, Thanksgiving Day.  All are welcome.  

The compound at Meher Abode will be open all day, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Center visiting hours today are 11 am - 5 pm

Tom Riley will be our special speaker at the evening program in the Meeting Place, beginning at 8:15 pm.
Tom spent time with Meher Baba here at Meher Spiritual Center in 1958, and in India at the East-West Gathering in 1962.

Christmas Holiday Weeks

 There will be much activity as always during this time!  Check the website December calendar for the overall schedule.  

We will be sending out a more detailed calendar next month, by mail to the nearby community, and by email to all of you.  It will give you the full picture of activities and gatherings from before Christmas to after New Years.
We hope to see you at Meher Center soon, and send warm greetings and love from all here.

In Beloved Baba’s love and service,

Buz Connor
For the Meher Center board and staff
About Workers 

“These young workers are like dynamos in Baba’s Love, with that tremendous enthusiasm which comes from meeting Baba.  Now it is present in those who have not even seen Baba in human form, truly a witness to that inner contact each has with Baba – a contact that releases this Divine Energy for his work.  And what happiness this work brings to those engaged in it.” 
- Kitty Davy-