Spring Cleaning Sahavas 2020 
Regarding working for Meher Baba, He once said:

It is not different work to what you have already been doing – it is the same work done in a different way.  And that way is the way of effacement, which means the more you work for me the less important you feel in yourself.  You must always remember that I alone do my work…I allow you to work for me so that you have the opportunity to use your talent and capacities selflessly and so draw closer to me…. (The Godman, p. 369)

Meher Baba

Dear Meher Center Family,

We are happy to send you information about the upcoming Spring Cleaning Sahavas at Meher Center. This overnight retreat will be held Saturday March 14 to Sunday March 15. Participants are encouraged to arrive Friday March 13 to start their sahavas.  With this opportunity to come together to offer our care for the Center, our focus will be on grounds projects and cleaning work.

We plan to get started with work projects Saturday morning and be engaged in them throughout the two-day weekend. Due to the nature of this work, participants should anticipate being physically active during the weekend. Projects will be done in teams, led by staff and volunteers who will provide direction and support. We will share two catered meals: Saturday night and Sunday lunch. (All other meals are on your own.)  There will be time for rest and renewal, for gathering and celebration, for being together in the spirit of sahavas---the give and take of love between the lover and the Beloved.

Participation in this sahavas is only possible if you are an overnight guest at the Center. If you are interested, please make a reservation as soon as possible by contacting the Gateway at 843-272-5777 or  gateway@mehercenter.org . Your reservation can, of course, include days before and after March 14 and 15. There is no cost for the event, however regular cabin charges will apply. 

The Center will be closed during that weekend to all other visitors so that this work can take place, and all regular activities and programs will be cancelled.  

In gathering to care for Meher Baba’s Home in the West, we are reminded of how much He loved this home, so much so that He said He never leaves. As always, we send love from the Center, hoping your lives are filled with His presence and His eternal grace. 

Buz Connor
For Meher Center Board and Staff