Great Deals on New Boats from Melges right now!

Melges Performance Sailboats has been building and delivering new Melges MCs all spring. We will continue to build new boats through June and pass savings along to you. Order a new Melges MC right now, take delivery in June and receive special savings! Call a Melges Team Member today for details.

The team is also providing custom covers and accessories for your Melges. Authorized parts, trailers, North Sails – We want to help you with anything MC.

If we can't talk you into a new boat, it's the right time of the year to put a speed job on the bottom of your existing MC. The Melges Repair Department can clean, buff, and polish your boat or clean up any gelcoat damage.

Think Sailing. Think Melges.
JIM GLUEK · (262) 275-1110  Jim@Melges.com
ANDY BURDICK · (262) 275-1110  Andy@Melges.com
EDDIE COX  ·  (262) 275-1110   Eddie@Melges.com
HARRY MELGES III  · (262) 275-1110   Harry@Melges.com

For more than 70 years, Melges has proudly delivered superior-built scows and sportboats around the world — New to the Melges family are the Melges 14 and Melges 40. Melges Performance Sailboats provides continuous customer service and product support unlike anyone else. Every Melges boat is signed, sealed, endorsed and delivered race ready by the best, for the best.
May 30, 2017  ·  (262) 275-1110 · Melges.com

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