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Spring 2017 Edition
Melior Mind Bytes   provides you with little bites of what our consultants are doing. Each newsletter shines a spotlight on a different industry or marketing research topic. This edition is focused on our work with mission-based organizations.

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" I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts ."
- Bill Gates
Melior News

Sharing Our Approach
The Melior Group's  approach to community studies offers clients a unique perspective and innovative recommendations.  Our market research methodology applies a marketing framework and examines purchase decision-making, buyer behavior and the customer experience.  Recently, we've been sharing our efforts and success with industry peers:
Spotlight On...

Mission-based organizations
The Melior Group has a long history of providing strategic guidance to non-profits.  Below, we share some of our recent thoughts about the evolution of the industry: 

The Art of Research

Approaches and Methodologies
We design our research with a clear understanding of our clients' management needs, as well as the decisions they will make based on the results.  We utilize  methodologies adapted to each project's  specific objectives, and we are constantly thinking about different research approaches to better serve the needs of our clients.  Below are some of the topics we've been thinking about lately: 
Just For Fun

Focus Group Fiascos
In our 34-year history, we've had a couple of focus groups that didn't go quite as planned.  Enjoy these true stories from the vault:
  • We were hosting a focus group with engineers about a topic that was only interesting to engineers and, no offense to engineers, very dry.  Before the end of the group, we went to the back room to see if our client had any additional questions -- and everyone was asleep!  
  • We held a focus group to test a new device that would help strengthen the wrists while doing push-ups.  We discussed the need for this great new tool and then had the group participants try the device... and the handles fell off!
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