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Summer 2017 Edition
Melior Mind Bytes   provides you with little bites of what our consultants are doing. Each newsletter shines a spotlight on a different industry or marketing research topic.  This edition is focused on one of our primary research topics: defining a brand.

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"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well." 
- Jeff Bezos
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Leading the Way
Our founder, Linda McAleer, has been busy the past few months, starting conversations about what matters to her.  Below are just two examples of where Linda has been guiding important discussions: 
  • Linda presented at the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce's 2017 Women in Business Conference and Luncheon: to read about her presentation, "Is It Time To Rebrand?",  click here 
  • As the Founding Chair of the 2017 Women Against Multiple Sclerosis Luncheon, Linda spoke about the importance of raising awareness of the disease as well as funds to support research for a cure: learn more here
Spotlight on...

Defining A Brand
We are often asked to help our clients understand their market position, how their brand is perceived and how it stands out among competitors.  In order to do that, companies and organizations must be able to define and describe themselves within the 5 aspects of a brand:
  1. Brand promise
  2. Brand elements
  3. Brand persona
  4. Brand perceptions
  5. Brand expectations

Learn more about this branding philosophy here.

The Art of Research

Market Analysis
The Melior Group has conducted hundreds of studies covering the full spectrum of marketing topics, such as market analysis, which includes close examination of our clients' competitive environment, market appeal and positioning/messaging.  Check out three examples of our success with clients in this arena: 
Just For Fun

Moving Out and Moving On
When Linda McAleer founded The Melior Group, like many entrepreneurs, she started the business out of her home, with two small bedrooms becoming the offices.  At the end of one work day, she walked into her own bedroom and one employee was collating a report on her bed, while another was taking a shower before going out that night.  At that point, Linda knew there was too much mixing of personal and business lives... the next day, she started looking for office space!
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