Melrose Businesses: Apply for Microenterprise Grant
This grant opportunity applies only to for-profit businesses with 5 or fewer employees, including the owner(s). Please feel free to share this email with a fellow business owner if this program is not applicable to your business.
Melrose businesses can now apply for the Massachusetts Microenterprise Assistance Grant Program.

A microenterprise is defined as a commercial enterprise that has 5 or fewer full-time equivalent employees, including 1 or more of whom owns the enterprise and must be a for-profit entity. The City of Melrose will be receiving $175,000 to support small businesses in the community.

Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) will serve as the Program Administrator. Applications are available here and are due by September 25th at 5:00 PM.  22 other cities and towns are also part of this program, click here for the full list of participating communities, in case your small business is not in Melrose.

Read on for more details.
Eligibility Criteria
Businesses interested in applying must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Business must have a physical establishment in Melrose, or one of the other 22 cities/towns included in the program.
  • Business must be a microenterprise: a commercial enterprise that has 5 or fewer full-time equivalent employees, 1 or more of whom owns the enterprise.
  • Business owner(s) must qualify under the Low-Moderate Income (LMI) Limited Clientele national objective criteria.
  • All owners of the business must earn an annual income equal to or less than 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) based on family size.
  • Business must be a for-profit entity (sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations, or LLCs).
  • Business must provide goods or services to multiple clients or customers.
  • Business must be able to document a loss of income equal to or greater than requested assistance due to COVID-19.
  • Business must be currently in operation and have been established prior to 01/01/2019.
  • Business must be in good standing with the state and city/town:
  • Must be current on all taxes due through 3/1/2020;
  • Must have active and valid state licenses/registrations, if applicable;
  • Not be a party to litigation involving the Commonwealth or municipality you operate in.
More Information
Ineligible businesses:

  • Real estate rentals/sales businesses
  • Businesses owned by persons under age 18
  • Businesses that are chains
  • Liquor stores
  • Weapons/firearms dealers
  • Lobbyists
  • Cannabis-related businesses

Amount of Funding:

Melrose has been awarded $175,000 to support microenterprise small businesses in our community. Each eligible business that applies and is approved can receive up to $10,000 with demonstrated costs greater than or equal to the amount requested. Grants may be requested in increments of $5,000, $7,500 or $10,000.

Approved Use of Funds:

Funds may be used for working capital to cover business costs, such as rent, staffing, and utilities. Funds may also be used for purchasing personal protection equipment (PPE).

Non-Approved Use of Funds:

Funds may not be used for major equipment purchases, purchase of real property, construction activities, business expansion, or lobbying.

Review a Frequently Asked Questions sheet here.
We encourage you to take time to read through the information in this email, and the FAQ document, then look over the grant application. Please contact Lauren Grymek at the Chamber with any questions.
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