August 27, 2021
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Introducing Meathead's Amazing Seasonings!
Since 2005, founder, Meathead, has shared countless rub and sauce recipes for free, and along the way many of them have generated a cult-like following. In fact, you’ve likely made and enjoyed a few fan favorites including his Memphis Dust rub for pork, Simon and Garfunkel rub for poultry, and Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow Crust rub for red meats.

Now, after years of fielding requests, we are thrilled to unveil three bottled rubs under the name Meathead’s Amazing Seasoning & Dry Brine.
Each rub starts with one of our three most popular recipes then amps them up with the addition of some new ingredients including several smoked ingredients so they will be great on indoor recipes too.

You will also notice that while we always recommend leaving salt out of homemade rubs and instead adding it to the meat ahead of time, these rubs contain sea salt in order to simplify the process. Plus even with herbs and spices, they can still be used as a dry brine.

There are only 1500 bottles of each in the first bottling run, and 17,000 members so we are announcing this first to members only. And if you order them you can get a free pdf version of one of Meathead's e-books.

Ready to try our new rubs on pork, beef, poultry, or perhaps all three?
Once you have them on hand, be sure to try them out on whatever you happen to be cooking (even if it isn’t our recipe or is a personal creation) then report here on your experience.
Price Increase Sept. 1 For New Members Only

We will be increasing the annual membership on September 1, 2021 from $23.95 to $34.95/year for new members who join after September 1. This does not apply to you if you are already a paid member or on a Trial membership. We will honor the old price of $23.95 for as long as possible.

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September 2 - Our Next LIVE Zoom Happy Hour
Mark your calendar for our next Pitmaster Club exclusive LIVE Zoom Happy Hour event, taking place Thursday, September 2 at 7:30 p.m. CT (8:30 p.m. ET) titled:

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Running A BBQ Restaurant
So your friends, family, and co-workers have told you that your BBQ is so great that you should open a restaurant or food truck. While it sounds good on paper, running any restaurant is challenging enough with the bulk of them failing within the first five years, now add the unique challenges of a BBQ joint where everything's cooked low & slow ahead of time instead of to order.

Learn from a man who's been there & done that.
We'll be featuring Jimmy Stovall of the "Ribbin' With Jimmy" Podcast and Corky's restaurant group in Memphis, and Todd Johns, owner of Plowboys Barbecue restaurants in Missouri and Kansas.
To join us, visit a little before 7:30 p.m. CT on Thursday, September 2.

In the meantime, you can check out a recent podcast our own Clint Cantwell did with Jimmy by visiting (Bet there's a lot you didn't know about Clint!)
REMINDER: Meatup In Memphis Rescheduled!
We've been sharing the news all over since May that this summer's Meatup In Memphis has been rescheduled from this upcoming weekend to March 18-20, 2022. Don't show up in Memphis this coming weekend, you'll be 7 months early!

For more details, or to reserve one of the few spots left, click here.

If you have questions, click here.
August's Sweepstakes Winners
Each month we draw 3 Pitmaster Club members' names out of the hat for Grand, Second, and Third Prize and add them to the winner's list, 36 winners each year.
Grand Prize winners get to choose a cooker from about 10 of our favorite Gold & Platinum medal-winning cookers, which range in value up toward $2,000.

August 2021's contingent GRAND PRIZE winner is Phill Ingram, a.k.a ABQ-BBQ! Give a congratulations to him here.
Phill selected the Hasty-Bake Legacy 131 Charcoal Grill, MSRP $1,199.

"This last weekend I fed 50+ people brisket, pulled pork, turkey and pork belly burnt ends. I could have used the Hasty-Bake to lighten the load", he said. Cooking for crowds has just become easier for you, Phill, congrats!
Second Prize winners get to pick 1 prize from among the Pit Barrel Cooker, Ergo Chef knife set, Fireboard remote thermometer, Slow 'N Sear Kettle Deluxe package, or the UltraQ digital controller kit from BBQ Guru; they run in value up to $515.
August 2021's SECOND PRIZE winner is John Pope, a.k.a. Pontiff25.

"I have been a long time member but rarely post...I read a lot and have learned a lot from you all. Thanks for that. And I do cook a mean rack of ribs!" John said.

He chose the Gold Medal-awarded UltraQ Thermostatic Controller Kit from BBQ Guru, MSRP $395. Completely customized for his cooker, John's "mean rack of ribs" will be even meaner with the UltraQ in charge now!
Third Prize winners get the full Backyard Pitmaster Prize Package with a variety of cool stuff as shown here:
  1. 3-bottle gift set of Black Swan gourmet BBQ sauces,
  2. 4-bottle pack of Heaven Made Products premium seasonings,
  3. $100 digital gift card to Porter Road premium meats,
  4. The Williams-Sonoma "Grill School" book, containing over 100 unique recipes and co-authored by our own David Joachim!, and
  5. The all new SnS-500 4-probe wireless remote BBQ thermometer from
Total value $305.
August 2021's THIRD PRIZE winner is Stan Ingram, a.k.a...get this... "Stan Ingram".

"And to think that my lucky number is 3!" he said. "I have been a member for a few years and have enjoyed finding new and better ways to cook with fire and smoke. Each month I would see that folks were winning and wondered if it would ever be me. Yes, it has happened and I can't wait to use the new stuff!"

Congrats Stan!
Change Your Email?
In April 3 Grand Prize winners forfeited their prize by not answering us, and in May 3 more did the same! This month the first Grand Prize winner also forfeited so we drew another name and we're waiting. Make sure the email address in your account settings is one you use regularly, and make sure you have us ( whitelisted or added as a contact. And when you get an email from us, OPEN IT!
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It's easy- just scroll to the bottom footer of this newsletter and click the "Update Profile" link as the red arrow shows in the example below. There you can change the email address to which this newsletter goes.
Members Only Deals
Get $10 OFF your $99+ purchase at Snake River Farms (SRF) by using code ARPitmasters at checkout.
The team at Tappecue have created an exclusive 15% discount for our members!

Explore their various products in their online store here then use promo code RIBS15 at checkout.
10% Now get a 20% discount at Heaven Made Products, offering a unique addition to the saturated rubs & seasonings market with high umami, low-salt, low-MSG, and gluten-, soy- and egg-free products. Don't let what's not there fool you, these products are awesome!
First-time customers get $15 off $100 purchase from Porter Road, an online butcher shop specializing in meats from Kentucky and Tennessee. Hand-cut at their facility and shipped fresh whenever possible!
Repeat Porter Road customers can get $10 off $100+ purchase, unlimited use, now through the end of 2021! Click here for details.
Show Us What You're Cooking!
And now for everyone's favorite part! The following shots are member submissions from the past month in our "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC) Volume 22 - Summer 2021" sticky topic, from our Show Us channel.
Let's get this fire started by heading over to pit master new2smoking. He had his Forno Bravo Oven fired up. How about this pizza margherita with buffalo mozzarella & basil added at the end.
Ernest out did himself again with this amazing sous vide smoked brisket.
Who else is down for two bludgeons of beef? We know our fellow pit master glitchy is. Check out these tomahawk ribeye, that were reverse seared on his MAK pellet smoker. WOW!
Few things say summer in North Carolina like hickory-smoked pulled pork. Check out these big ol' butts smoked up by TWBarbecue on his Grilla Silverbac pellet smoker.
Anyone else have the urge to sear up some tri-tip? Check out Polarbear777's PK Grill being put to work.
Here is perhaps the ultimate camping griddle, the Skottle. Dtax was up up in VT doing some camping and biking so he had to eat well. Check out these peppers, sausage and a couple of sunnyside-up eggs.
Who said you can't have some smoked turkey in August? Whiskleyman53 cooked these leg quarters and wings and enjoyed them with a cauliflower steak and a tomato & white bean sauce.
Our good friend Eric2662 smoked up some amazing steelhead trout with some of Meathead's Memphis Dust rub. Great presentation.
Next up we head into the inferred zone to meet up with Attjack. How about these lamb loin chops?! Great color!
Who doesn't love a good meatball sub? Canadiansmokesman smoked marinara meatballs were made with tomatoes, fresh Italian parsley, oregano, carrot, garlic and grated Parmesan. Spectacular!
DavidNorcross whipped up this amazing spicy pulled chicken sandwich with an Alabama white sauce and some blue cheese slaw. Go get it!
There is almost nothing better than a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker packed with some ribs! Check out this rib cook by ecowper. Rack'em and stack'em!
Not to be outdone...Troutman felt like he needed to make a crazy pineapple boat. Here is his amazing Thai-inspired Viet vermicelli bowl. Served with pan smoked shrimp.
Richard Chrz always has something amazing up his sleeve. This smoked three meat Italian meatball dish is a prime example; served in a reduced red sauce of San Marzanos with fresh herbs and sauced pasta.
RonB fired up the vortex insert on his Weber Kettle for some killer Vortex wings that were based in a teriyaki sauce at the end of the cook for some caramelized nirvana.
Old Glory had some yardbird smoking on his Weber Kettle this month. This bird was dusted with Malcom Reed's AP Rub and smoked with a chunk of white oak.
Pitmaster Henrik made up some gourmet elote on his Weber Kettle. These were cooked indirect with the husk on first, then seared directly over lump charcoal with the husk removed, then brushed with a mayo and feta cheese sauce and topped with cilantro.
It was good to see texastweeter back in The Pit after a short hiatus. It looks like he has kept his skills up while he was gone. How about these smoked chops?
No issue of "HOT From the Pit!" would be complete without some beef ribs. pkadare smoked up these beef ribs and the results speak for themselves. Great looking cook.
gboss had an awesome burger night this month. Check out these smoked and seared bacon cheese burgers served on a grilled pretzel roll with wild rice and steamed broccoli.
Now it is time to head down to Huntsville, AL to visit Pitmaster jfmorris and check out his rib cook this month. Here we have a rack of St. Louis-style ribs smoked on his SnS Deluxe Kamado from SnS Grills. Served with asparagus and beans.
Your assignment: sharpen your photography skills and set up some great poses to help your pic get in the running for next month's issue. Make sure to consider proper lighting and unique dishes to make your cooks really stand out. For help with food shots, don't miss Meathead's Food Photography article but he wants you to know he is BLOWN away by your magnificent photos.

To share your cooks, please visit the current "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC)" topic. *If you share a picture with us, you consent to us using your shot(s) in our newsletters or social media, credited to you of course.
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