July 2021


World Population Day!

World Population Day was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989.
July 11, 1987, was the approximate date of when the world population reached five billion people. World Population Day aims to increase people's awareness on various population issues such as the importance of family planning, gender equalitypovertymaternal health, and human rights. The day was suggested by Dr. K.C.Zachariah when he worked as Senior Demographer at World Bank.

The world population increases by 100 million, approximately, every 14 months. The world population reached 7,400,000,000 on February 6, 2016; the world population had reached 7,500,000,000 at around 16:21 on April 24, 2017. The world population had reached 7,700,000,000 in the year 2019.

On World Population Day, advocates from around the world will be calling on leaders, policymakers, grassroots organizers, institutions, and others to help make reproductive health and rights a reality for all.

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Kindness Week in Canada
Canada is the first country to enshrine Kindness Week into law.

While plenty of cities and schools around the world take part in “Kindness Days” or promote random acts of kindness, Canada recently became the first country to formally enshrine a “Kindness Week” into law. On May 14th, all five parties voted unanimously to pass Bill S-223, An Act respecting Kindness Week, in the House of Commons. (The CJN Daily)

As of June 3, 2021, every third week of February will be known as Kindness week. To read the heartwarming Royal Assent, Click Here.

July Webinar

Did you know that in 15 countries it is legally or practically impossible to run a humanist organization, while in Norway and Belgium humanist organizations are not only recognized but also funded by the State? Or did you know that 12 countries punish apostasy with the death penalty?

In this webinar, Giovanni Gaetani will delve into the three main aspects of this spectrum. You will get to hear a series of real-life examples from Members and Associates of Humanists International, and understand how being a humanist can mean different things throughout the four corners of the globe.

A special focus will be given to the situation of humanists at risk around the world and how the global humanist community can support the work of Humanists International to protect them.

Giovanni Gaetani is the Membership Engagement Management of Humanists International. He has a PhD in Philosophy from Rome Tor Vergata University and has published two books: “Atheism and Philosophy without Gibberish” (Nessun Dogma); “Against nihilism. The atheist and humanist wager of Sisyphus” (Diogene Multimedia). Before joining the Humanists International, Giovanni worked as a volunteer for the Italian Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics (UAAR).

In 2013 he won the UAAR best thesis prize with his work on “Nihilism and Responsibility at the age of God’s death in Nietzsche and Camus”. He is the author of “Good without a God: an illustrated guide to humanism”, published in 2021 by UAAR Giovani in collaboration with Young Humanists International.

To learn more, Click Here.
Call for Submissions: Secularism and Non-Religion in Canada
This edited volume contributes to the literature on secularism, non-religion, and atheism in contemporary Canada. Non-belief and non-believers are often given secondary consideration in broader explorations of religion and religiosity, and, as a result, remain under-examined, particularly in the Canadian context. This multidisciplinary book provides a broad exploration of issues relating to secularity, irreligion, non-religion, non-belief, atheism, and separation of religion and government in Canada.

Deadline for abstract submissions is October 14, 2021.

For more information on how to submit your abstract, Click Here.

Winners of the 2021 Essay Contest

Congratulations to all our 2021 Essay Contest Winners!

In the Junior Category (Age 17 And Under), the winners are:

  • Orion Wiersma, age 17, Barrie, ON
The Ethics of DNA Banks: How Widespread Access to DNA Poses a Threat to Anonymity

  • Alador Bereketab, age 17, Ottawa, ON
The Role of Suffering in Life

In the Senior Category (Age 18 to 25), the winners are:

  • Rida Zaidi, age 25, Kanata, ON
“In Cold Blood: How Pakistan’s Notorious Blasphemy Laws Repress Citizens’ Right to Freedom of Expression”

  • Neha Katote, age 21, Halifax, NS
Exploring how the Commercialization of Breast Cancer is a Result of Commodifying Feminism and Femininity

  • Vibhuti Arya, age 22, Winnipeg, MB
An Evidence-based Philosophical Approach to the Bioethics of Medical Assistance in Dying

  • Gerard Corr, age 20, Abbotsford, BC
The Conservative Party of Canada Needs to Reform
Some of the essays will be available on our website for you to read and enjoy.
The Cost of Religion in Canada - 2021 Report
Our friends at CFIC (Centre of Inquiry Canada) have produced a series of reports on the cost of religion in Canada.

The right to be religious is a personal freedom we enjoy in Canada. However, Canadian taxpayers, as citizens of all faiths and citizens of no faith, should not be subsidizing the advancement of religion through tax exemptions. The right to be religious in Canada is important (freedom of religion). The need to retain Canada’s strength as a secular nation based on personal freedom, social responsibility, and the rule of law is equally important (freedom from religion).

To read the report, Click Here.
In the News about Reproductive Rights.
In November 2020, we had a webinar on Reproductive Health and Rights. But, at the same time, forced sterilizations are also still a thing in Canada. On June 3rd, the Senate Committee on Human Rights released a report, urging Parliament to further investigate and find ways to stop the heinous practice of forced and coerced sterilization of persons in Canada. 

The new report, Forced and Coerced Sterilization of Persons in Canada, outlines findings of the Senate committee’s 2019 preliminary study into the history and scope of forced and coerced sterilization in Canada. Senators on the committee remain deeply troubled by what they learned from witness testimonies and submissions.

“The committee is deeply concerned that, along with Indigenous women, other vulnerable and marginalized groups in Canada are affected by forced and coerced sterilization, including women with disabilities, racialized women, intersex children, and institutionalized persons. Parliamentarians must understand the full scope of this problem if we are to initiate effective and meaningful solutions.”
- Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard, Deputy Chair of the committee

To learn more, Click Here.

New to our Web Store
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June Polling Results: Vaccine Confusion
The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), which provides advice on the use of vaccines in Canada, has been criticized for causing vaccine confusion and hesitancy around AstraZeneca, after saying mRNA vaccines werepreferred.” (CTVNws.ca)

Here is how you responded to our poll:
26% of you said "YES" you are experiencing vaccine confusion.
74% of you said "NO" you are not experiencing vaccine confusion.
Poll For This Month
New Poll: Cutting back the CRB as of July

The Federal Liberal Government will be cutting back by $800 the CRB (Canadian Recovery Benefit). As of July, instead of $2000, people who qualify will instead get $1200. The NDP is demanding the Liberals reverse this decision. Employers are struggling to fill job openings because people are earning more on the CRB, but there are others who are depending on this benefit to survive the pandemic.

Do you think the CRB should be cut back?

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