June 21, 2020


Hi, my name’s Ric. I’m a member of Humanist Canada, and I’d like to wish you a happy world humanist day!

Humanism is the evolution of a centuries long tradition of free thought and reason leading to a leading to an ethical and moral life stance based respect for all humanity, democratic ideals, and an understanding of our responsibility to care for our planet and everything on it.

Humanists recognize that human beings are going to be the ones to solve the world’s challenges, and our goal is a happier and more fulfilling life for everyone.

These seem like big goals, so here’s how you can participate in world humanist day in ways that I know will make a difference:

Make a donation to your local food bank. It’s hard to believe that in a nation as rich as Canada, we have people going to bed hungry. And you don’t have to donate those old cans of beans in your cupboard – find the website of your local food bank and make a cash donation – they’ll know best how to spend the money for maximum good.

Consider donating blood. Right now hospitals are in dire need of blood supplies. Your first donation can make an immediate difference for someone in need. And if you’re a regular donor, perhaps it’s time to drop in again?

Register to be an organ donor. There is no greater way to leave your legacy than to give the gift that can save lives and improve the lives of up to a dozen people.

Support our Humanities program – where you can learn to think critically and put our world in perspective. Visit HumanistCanada.ca for information on the program, and ways to donate, or to fill out our membership form.

Give a Humanist Canada Membership to someone you know who is progressive, embraces critical thinking and secular values.

Celebrate safely and happily. Happy World Humanist Day!

Ric Glowienka,
Board Member

This year Humanist Canada is participating in a Great Canadian Giving Challenge fundraising campaign to fund our new Public Humanities Courses.

Your donation today will get us closer to winning a $20,000 prize through Canada Helps. Every $1 you donate to us in the month of June via GivingChallenge.ca counts as a ballot.

By generously supporting our efforts to create the Public Humanities Courses, you will contribute to educating knowledgeable leaders committed to humanist values.
Humanist Canada joined the rest of the world in outrage over the senseless death of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis. His death is yet another example of systemic injustice against men of colour who are disproportionately profiled, arrested, incarcerated, and killed by authorities.

On June 5, 2020, we issued a joint statement with the Centre for Inquiry Canada on the Killing of George Floyd and systemic racism. In line with the Humanist tradition, we jointly call on our members, community leaders, elected representatives, and all Canadians to redouble efforts to eliminate racism in Canada

Upcoming Events
The AHA is pleased to invite you to join them for an exciting virtual conference, Distant but Together: A Virtual Celebration of Humanism. Humanists across the country will come together virtually on August 8, 2020 to hear from terrific humanist speakers who will explore the values and principles that undergird our community.

Click here for registration and they will send you more information in the coming months once they develop conference programming and logistics.

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