OTTAWA, March 27, 2019/Humanist Canada, the national voice for humanism in Canadian society, together with Association humaniste du Québec, is hosting an essay contest. The Humanist Canada Essay Contest (HCEC) will be a wonderful opportunity for high school students to write, think, and express thoughts on humanist values across the Anglophone and Francophone spheres of the country.

The essay contest provides an opportunity for students to think critically on humanism and humanist values in modern Canada. The first-place prize in each language will be $1,000. There will be a total of $8,000 in prize money, for students who compete in the contest and win. Deadline is May 15th, 2019. There are no predefined topics. However, the bounds of the content should be relevant to the humanist community and its values across Canada.

"We are proud to give Canadian students a forum to express humanist themes given the on-going attack on science and reason we have observed in society," Dr. Lloyd Robertson, Vice-President of Humanist Canada, stated, "Humanist Canada and Association humaniste du Québec are proud to be the hosts of the HCEC. We look forward to receiving many submissions from inspired and interested high school students." The full information can be found at Humanist Canada Essay Contest . Share this link with teachers, educators and youth who may be interested.