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The Senate passed Senate Bill 1094 yesterday, by a vote of 50 to 0. This legislation now goes to Governor Wolf for his consideration. Once officially transmitted to the Governor, he will have 10 calendar days to sign, veto or let become law without his signature.
Senate Bill 1094 (Gebhard-R) amends Title 75 (Vehicles) in motor carrier safety, repealing provisions relating to findings and declaration of policy, and requiring the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee to study motor carrier transportation and safety. The committee must submit annual reports of its study, deliberations, conclusions, and recommendations to the governor, the secretary of transportation, and members of the General Assembly.
The legislation also requires a driver to make a reasonable effort to remove snow or ice from the vehicle within 24 hours of the cessation of the falling snow or ice. It’s important to note that it provides exceptions for motor carrier vehicles, mass transit vehicles or buses from this requirement under the following circumstances:
  • The driver of the motor carrier vehicle, mass transit vehicle, bus or school bus is enroute to a facility to remove accumulated ice or snow at the time they are stopped by law enforcement; or

  • Compliance with the requirement to remove accumulated ice or snow causes the driver of a motor carrier vehicle, mass transit vehicle, bus, or school bus to violate any other Federal or State law or regulation regarding workplace safety or would be a threat to the health and safety of the driver.
Moreover, the bill includes language allowing PennDOT to prorate annual apportioned registration fees and to establish a system of staggered apportioned registration renewal.
Finally, the bill includes language necessary for federal compliance regarding Commercial Driver’s Licenses and the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. PennDOT has indicated that this is necessary to get us into compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Final Rule by November 18, 2024.
Status: Passed House, 200-0, 6/29/2022 – In Senate Rules, 6/29/2022 – Re-reported, 7/6/2022 – Senate Concurred in House Amendments, 50-0, 7/6/2022
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